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  1. 1. Which skybox replacement do you prefer for Dantooine?

    • More Vibrant Skies 1.0 by Malkior
    • K2 Exterior Textures, Part 1 by Vurt

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My viewer can't open it but I appreciate the effort, JC! Here's what came up with!




DP, how does the 2DA that I posted look?

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The way these screens are looking it's almost like the game is getting an HD remaster. Excellent work, SH!

Thanks Malkior and Squall!


I'll be releasing the mod sometime tonight. As the Mrs. is streaming her shows right now and our internet is very slow, I'll have to wait until she goes to sleep first. There will be a video attached to each download page (and the release pages too) on each release page.  This video will show what the screens looks like in their full screen glory (i.e. without the black bars and the filter) so you know what you'll get before you download everything. After they are up, I'll be locking this thread and the conversations can continue in the two release threads.


Please note: The base game and TSLRCM screens will be in the larger "Original Pack".  The loading screens for Curse of the Sith, Azgath N'Dul's Tomb, Coruscant Jedi Temple, and M4-78 EP will only be in the "Add-On Pack."  Please place your future comments in the correct thread.

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You locked the topic again :D

EDIT: I should probably read everything before posting though...


And that looks amazing!

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