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Hunters Run

Download:Operation Kill Bastla Remade

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File Name: Operation Kill Bastla Remade

File Submitter: Hunters Run

File Submitted: 11 Mar 2018

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: Yes



Knights of the old Republic: Operation kill Bastila remade.




As the original site that hosted the mod went down so I decided to recreate the mod operation kill Bastila. This mod will turn the sith troopers patrolling on taris hostile unless Bastila has a disguise on. Bastila must be in the party for this to happen. It is recommended that you start a new game.


There are two options Roleplay and Gameplay:
1. Select the option roleplay if you don’t mind the disguise giving a -1 to wisdom. The reason for this is in the item’s description.
2. Select the option gameplay if you don’t want a -1 wisdom decrease.


That may not be a good idea but if you insist:
1. Delete the following files from override- appearance.2da, bast_des.mdl\mdx, bast_desh.mdl\mdx, bast_des.uti, feat.2da, heads.2da, kill_bast.ncs, kill_bastsg.ncs, p_bastila.utc, tar02_sithguard.utc, tar02_sithpat22.utc, tar02_sithpat023.utc, tar02_canttroope.utc, cowl.tpc, mask.tpc.
2. Go to the mods folder and find the folder marked backup. Copy appearance.2da, feat.2da, heads.2da from the backup folder to the override folder. Copy dialog.tlk to your knights of the old republic root folder (the folder that has the game).


Any mod that modifies the following files will be incompatible:


1. Because of the way npc perception is sometime some sith will turn hostile while others don’t, resulting in them fighting each other.
2. If you turn the sith guard at the cantina hostile then run away and equip a disguise, the guard will stand at his location and not be accessible for dialog.


You may not upload this mod to any other websites. You may use this mod in your mod as long as you credit me and you upload it to either deadlystream, nexusmods, or both.


Do note that if you include it in your mod you are now responsible for maintaining your fork of the mod (in other words don’t come to me with user issues). The only exception of course is adding updated versions of this mod (if any) to your mod.


Look in the folder marked source. I organized the folders for each thing modified. The idea behind this is compatibility.



Click here to download this file

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I love the idea of this mod. It makes perfect sense, and I don't know why the game wasn't that way already by making you give her a disguise, or force you to keep her in the apartment (like on Korriban). I also love the idea of the Sith patrols randomly killing each other. It just sounds hilarious.


I will definitely give this a download.

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The first time she was playing, my partner asked if she would be attacked by the Sith guards on Taris. I had never considered this before and I am so glad someone made a mod addressing this issue! This mod will be a great addition to my override folder!

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