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For all of you who are new to Deadlystream, Kotor or perhaps just returning from a life on the run, here is what you have missed in our community over these last couple of months. 


The ever wonderful Aspyr re-released KotOR 2 on July 21st, 2015 with some very welcome new features. They include:

  • Mac OS 10 Support!
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud saves
  • Native Widescreen 
  • Resolution support for 4k and 5k monitors
  • Support for controllers
  • Steam Workshop support (though we prefer you stay on Deadlystream for all your modding needs  ;) )
  • Full support for TSLRCM

You can read more about the update here and here. If you are intersted in purchasing the steam version of KotOR 2 you can do so here.




Mr. Xuul  was kind enough to track down an Aspyr employee and ask the important questions for us (like what about us 4-discers), read about it here.




TSLRCM was updated to 1.8.4 on July 21, 2015, you can download it here. In the same vein M4-78 was also updated, you can download it here




Our very own Sithspecter and Xuul released a awesome preview of the planet, Sleheyron. You can view it here. 




The Kotor 1 Restoration 1.0 was released on June 17, 2015. Read more about it and download it here. 




Fair Strides released the latest version of The Kotor Save Editor. It has been updated to version 3.3.7a and now includes support for Steam Cloud saves. Download it here.




As of July 23rd, 2015, Filefront (and by extension kotorfiles) has shutdown permanently with little or no warning, causing a great panic across our community, as many older mods for KotOR suddenly disappeared (though some are still available at the new gamefront site). Thankfully the team here at Deadlystream has put in a lot of time getting permission to put up as many mods here as possible. Take a look at our recent influx of mods over at the Downloads section. To read more about the shutdown of filefront you can do so here




For all you steam fans, Deadlystream now has a steam group, you can join here. It is open to all and there are plans to do group gaming events. 





The Reddit /r/Kotor subreddit has been abuzz with activity, here are some of the more popular posts from the last couple of weeks; 





Last and arguably most importantly, there are now less than 88 days until Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens comes out in theaters. 



Any comments, ideas or concerns about this post, please PM me, all feedback is welcome.

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I just reinstalled it about a week ago and have a PS4 controller hooked up to my pc and the game showed the buttons for my PS4 controller.

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