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SKIN:PANEL Overhaul animated (Mass Effect Edition)

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PANEL Overhaul animated (Mass Effect Edition)

In this overhaul all major panels, workbenches and the computer panel background are remade from the scratch and animated.

I tried very hard to merge the sophisticated ME3 look with original Kotor - and used only 4k/64 pics animations/uncompressed files to get a proper look -

so yes - the mod size is indeed ~500MB.


To get the most out of it i suggest that you guys download Xarwarz OTE series first, then override everything with my mod.



Download the mod, extract it with an archive extraction program like 7zip or WinRAR, then move the extracted files to your game's override directory.




100% compatible with TSLRCM & M478. As pure texture replacer it should be compatible with everything else.

IF you want to install Xarwarz OTE texture PLC files, then install them FIRST, then override everything with my mod.



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Hey Jorak, I've noticed one console in the game hasn't been overhaul- a tad strange as you've covered most everything else to what I refer is the leg high consoles which have panels on them, you know the ones- usually they have a chair beside them also, and have you considered the consoles inside Freedon Nadd's Tomb?

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