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  1. whaaaaattt~! Yep, still going at xbox modding, juuusssst taking a break. :P

    1. Mephiles550


      Modding Kotor on the Xbox is a really interesting endeavor. Keep going at it and share results!

    2. xtprojects


      Thanks Mephiles550! Just now seeing this. If I can figure out how to get .mod and .rim pc files to work on xbox then K1R will 100 percent work on xbox. I think we can get there.

  2. Darth Revan is now following the legendary VarsityPuppet. :P

  3. Bead-V now has darth revan as a follower! :P

  4. Working on kotor 1 xbox modding at the moment. Any comments post here.

  5. Thanks for the message. Looking forward to seeing what we can do about the project. :)

  6. yep hitting a snag already in telos with the box freezing after the cutscene with the ship thats damaged, for some reason as soon the cutscene ends and you are back in the cantina the game freezes in the same spot everytime. Dont know what the issue could be.

  7. thanks for moving the thread! :)

  8. glad to get tslrcm working for the ol box

    1. Darth_Sapiens


      if it crashes let me know XD

    2. xtprojects


      will do. So far so good!