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  1. Apologies for bumping such a old topic (didn't want to make a new one), but I cant get SGE_3.3.3 to work on Win7. I get an error message saying it has 'stopped working', and the only option I have is to close the program. Does anyone know of an alternative savegame editor, or a patch to fix it? Thanks. edit: Just to add, I have tried running it as Admin and in various compatibility modes, same result.
  2. This is fantastic news, thank you all for all your hard work!! to reinstall TSL and get stuck in.
  3. That's great news, thanks for your responses guys!
  4. Hi, I've just picked up KOTOR1 on Steam for almost nothing and am playing it through on Vanilla (had seriously forgotten how good it is!), but due to the boot-up involving steam, do any of you guys know if this will have any effect on adding mods for future playthroughs? Thanks in advance.
  5. Posted 2nd July: Typical, just a few weeks after I shelled out for KOTOR 2 on its own for a massive £2.50 incl postage. lol.
  6. Post the complete list please! I do know that... The "HK50 personal black box recording, time: Unknown..." @ 1:30 and "Rude Alert" @ 1:10 is Holly from Red Dwarf "Fact: Wearily on I go..." @ 3:20 is Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not sure which book though) The rest I had to look at the youtube page for, but that list is incomplete too. Now you can use these samples to restore these lines into 1.8!
  7. Got an odd one about an hour ago. First time on Dxun, having done all the fetch/carry missions to earn respec' fo Mandalore (as the kids say) the movie of Kreia and Mandalore at the shuttle hangar plays ("forget the Jedi, watch her") and the invisible Sith attack, all as normal. This time though, upon whooping the Sith like the bad boy Jedi I am, the Kreia/Mandalore movie played over again. Unfortunately, I wasn't really paying much attention to the exact moment it happened but I think it triggered either as the information box relating to the Sith attack appeared on screen as the last one died or when I arrived back to the shuttle hangar afterwards. Once it had played through for the second time, it just carried ion like normal so there was no harm done (as far as I can tell.) I figured I'd let y'all know in case it's not been mentioned before though Installed Mods: TSLRCM 1.7 (duh!) Enhanced Merchants Handmaiden Underwear (Female Exiles FTW!) Frumpless/Improved Males Jedi Temple/Coruscant Kill Ithorian Movie Mandalorians (Which is AWESOME!!) Movie Robes Remote Influence Tomb of Azgath N'Dul Ultimate Sound Mod I'm blaming it on the Movie Madalorians or Tomb mods currently.
  8. @bendarby24, been living the dream for near 10 years now after quitting my desk job - never been happier (although I miss being warmer and dryer!) you on real farmland or just horses like us? Thankfully, my better half is the local Vet so at least our medical bills are cheap.. @Mandalore, does that make you Boba Fetts great great great great great great great grandfather? I've said to few times here already but I am loving the work you guys have done, especially in the Restored Content Mod, but I am already drooling over the Malachor and Droid Planet stuff. The reason I registered here was just to say thanks but I've learnt more about the complexities of Kotor2 in an hours reading here than in months of Wiki/Wookiepedia and general net surfing, so thanks again for all your work and time spent explaining it all to newbies like me, and hopefully there will be a way in which I can help ya'll out in return one day.
  9. Ah, thanks. I wondered if it was because it didn't add anything to the game or didn't make sense, but if it's outright broken then that makes sense. Do they give any indication in the game files of what it was supposed to be? The only reference I can find is a mod rebuilding it as a mix of Soldier and Scout skills. (Just curious)
  10. Missed this forum until now so thought I'd say hello and introduce myself! I'm in my late 30's work and live as a farmer on a stables in northern England and run my own (very small) plumbing business. I've been a gamer and star wars and transformers fan since I was a kid, and played the KOTOR series when it first came out on the Xbox, but have just rediscovered its awesome thanks to the TCMRSL on Kfiles which is what led me here. I am completely new to modding (have played with the warcraft 3 game creator a long time ago) but do plan to have a go after 1.8 is complete, as creating stuff that isn't compatible with it seems kind of pointless and I'm most interested in the untold parts of the story such as working out the truth behind Kreia's line about Mira's 'true father', and attempting to add an end to Bao Dur's story so he doesn't just disappear. I look forward to meeting more of you here
  11. The last 3 scene shots won't show up on my phone Those that I did see looked fantastic though, greatly looking forwards to seeing this released, thanks again for all your hard work guys!!
  12. As it looks like 1.8 is nearing completion and I've not seen it mentioned, I assume the decision was made to exclude the BH class from the restoration project, and I'm sure its with good reason, but can I ask why? I only just spotted it in the Savegame Editor and wondered why I'd not seen anything about it before. Another class would be awesome wouldn't it, even of its just a combination of the Soldier and Scout skills? It would be perfect for Mira.
  13. Ah, I see your emphasis now. I have the movie robes mod (listed as compatible) added in but wasn't going to bother with skinning the others. Thanks for the warning!
  14. So as long as the restored content mod is installed first, theres no conflict issues with skins? Brilliant, thank you Hunter. (I had planned on a un/re-install to prepare for 1.8 anyway, leave nothing to chance eh? lol)
  15. I mixed the two very recently and got the 'invisible dark Jedi' glitch on Trayus Academy, so on face value the two don't mix. I removed it before I tried the patch though. If it works please do tell us as I'd like to reinstall it for the robes if nothing else.