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  1. Hello, this mod works with other kanguages (specifically the spanish language language)?
  2. Hi, I know has been many months but instead of opening a new thread, better ask you here. Finllay I can play this, I tried in a previous phone and iirc it worked, I have a new one more powerful and I tried applying the Community Patch but I noticed the characters stay silent some seconds after every dialog line. I have my game in Spanish so I guess that's the reason. It's there a way to use the Community Patch with the game in other language?
  3. Excuse me, i foubd 2 versions of the Community Patch, one provided in this site (1.9.2) and other in github(1.10.0) which one should i use? Also the one in github doesn't have a installer i think. Of that's the one, where should i get it?
  4. Hi, i found out that KOTR has a restoration mod, i googled and found in this forum that already has been tried but one person says it has errors and the mod must be removed then placed again, other says it works, other that it doesn't or has problems. It's possible? I really wanna play the game with new content. Thanks for your time.