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  1. @N-DReW25 What I enjoyed about the mod were the dialogue changes, script changes, new animations, and the changes you made to different areas like Kebla Yurt's shop and the Upper City Cantina; the way you rearranged Kebla Yurt's shop makes much more sense than the way it was laid out originally. I liked how you had the ability to change the cantina music using the console in the music room and how the player character eavesdrops on the two dueling fans discussing their favorite duelists after the match. Small elements like that add more interaction to the game. I liked how you rearranged the dialogue and made it possible to get through all the different dialogue options when talking to an NPC without having to cycle back through the same dialogue or having to exit out of a conversation and click back on a character when you want to ask a different question. It makes it less tedious. I also liked how more vocal your companions are when they interjected during a conversation; they spoke different lines of dialogue that I hadn't heard before, probably because they're dependent on the sex of your character or party composition. Did Sarna use an alternate voice over? Her voice sounded a bit different. It made her seem more genuine. The new animations made the characters seem way more expressive. The only issues were that if they were wielding lightsabers or melee weapons they tended to stab themselves in the face while doing the pleading animation and sometimes the neck twitch animation played too much during conversations. The new music was great and added a lot to the ambience of the game. Honestly, I'd grown bored of the game's music so it was refreshing to hear something different. One of the best parts about the mod was the encounter with Bastila on the Rakatan Temple. The fight plays out more dramatically with Jolee and Juhani disabled. The way you reworked the dialogue was excellent. It made the scene more dramatic. I liked how there's a pause in the fighting, an exchange of words, and then the fight continues with your two companions. It felt like an real showdown. It reminded me of one of the duels from Episode I or III. One of the few things I didn't care for were some of the Jedi robes. They were a bit too low res for my liking and were incompatible with the Cloaked Jedi Robe mod. All in all, this was an excellent mod and it's a shame that it's been shelved at least in its current incarnation. I didn't encounter any game breaking bugs while I was testing it out waiting for compatibility with K1R. The new NPCs, module edits, dialogue changes, and different alterations breathed new life into an old game.
  2. Why was this mod removed? It was one of my favorites. Some of the changes are truly ingenious and gave the game a breath of fresh air. I was looking forward to future updates and compatibility with K1R. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the mod's override folder and was hoping I could redownload it.