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    Pretty good. The war droids' blaster rifles are a little bit transparent though.
  1. It was a clean installation, and I'm not using the Steam Workshop. There are no duplicate TGA/TPC files in the override folder. Installed mods are: Very Animated Screens and Panels for M4-78 AI Upscaled 1920x1080 Cutscenes (and the TSLRCM Patch) New Textures of Holocrons in the Telos Secret Academy Beautified TSL Saber Colors Console M4-2K Create All Mira's Rockets Darth Sapiens (and Deadman) Present HD 2K Darth Sion Darth Sapiens' Nihilus Darth Sapiens Presents HD 2K Visas Marr High Resolution Beam Effects Effixian's Blue Ebon Hawk KOTOR2 Animated Ebon Hawk Monitors Electromesh Robes, HD Fire and Ice Effects Upgradeable Force Pike Blue Lightning Effects Handmaiden-Style Undies for Female Exiles Daemon's Ebon Hawk Re-Skin (interior textures only) M4-78 Enhancement Pack Replacement Texture for Lightning on Malachor V Replacement Onderon Iziz Cantina Sign Replacement Peragus Medical Monitors and Computer Panels Trench's Replacement Peragus II with Extra Asteroids Sith Holocron's Replacement Loading Screens for KOTOR 2 Sith Holocron's Citadel Station Signage Sith Holocron's Droid Testing Console Texture Upgrade Sith Holocron's Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment Sith Holocron's Refurbished Astromech Droids HD HK Upscale HD Mandalore Upscale HD NPC Portraits HD Player Character Portraits High-Quality Ravager Backdrop High-Quality Skyboxes II Improved Peragus Asteroid Field leh_light05.tga from Ebon Hawk Interior Red and Gold Sith Holocron's Swoop Monitors Sith Holocron's Czerka Sign and Desk Sith Holocron's Frank Lloyd Wright Glass Replacement Sith Holocron's M4-78 Building Texture Sith Holocron's TSL Animated Galaxy Map in Canon Positions T3 Blue 'n' Red (blue textures) Telos Backdrop TSL Harbinger and Hammerhead Visual Appearance Mod TSL HD Cockpit Skyboxes TSL Restored Content Modification TSL Backdrop Improvements TSL High-Quality Stars and Nebulas Ultimate Dantooine High Resolution Ultimate Dxun High Resolution Ultimate High Resolution Texture Pack Ultimate Korriban High Resolution Ultimate Malachor V High Resolution Ultimate Nar Shaddaa High Resolution Ultimate Onderon High Resolution Vanilla-Friendly Enclave Patch for Ultimate Dantooine High Resolution Widescreen User Interface for Steam TSL Animated Computer Panel TSL Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux Patch TSL Widescreen Main Menu Fix HD G0-T0 Upscale Effixian's Dancer's Outfit Extended Enclave (and its M4-78 Compatibility Patch) and High-Quality Blasters (and its Disruptor Pistols hotfix).
  2. Only one of their mods I'm using doesn't touch weapons at all.
  3. Not that I'm aware of. Only mods I'm using that aren't model/texture mods are the Restored Content Mod, M4-78, and the Expanded Jedi Enclave mod.
  4. After returning to Dxun after the events on Onderon, I was looting the remaining Remains of the Sith Assassins that I had missed before leaving for Iziz, and found two of an item with no name or description that according to the KOTOR Save Editor is internally called propss02 or (Prop SS 02). I'm curious as to what this item is. (I'm using texture mods which may affect the texture of the weapons.)
    Didn't even notice the inability to use Security Spikes until I was stranded on a certain endgame world, but it works like a charm after I stashed all the Security Spikes and Security Spike Tunnelers I already had in my inventory and got Mission to make me a bunch more.