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  1. by when do you think you will have finished this fantastic job? Are you planning a beta before the full job? Thank you very much for this incredible work and I look forward to it.
  2. When i ignite any light saber in kotor 1 or 2 dosn't matter which game it is. The ignition sound is there and the saber humm stays in ONE SPOT.. when i move, the swinging sounds are there but the HUMM gets stuck in one spot every time i ignite it. so annoying. somone else had this same issue ? im pretty good at solving glitching with kotor 1 and 2.. but this is just ridiculous. i even uninstalled,reinstalled... with no mods. it still does it.
  3. I'm currently playing with the JC'sFashionLine I: Cloaked Jedi Robes mod for K1, but I'd like to use the Prequel tunic replacement robes. Could you make a mod in which some Danttoine vendor sells the Prequel Robes? in that case I think the community would appreciate it, sorry for my english from google xdd translator
  4. you share your complete re-skin the ebon hawk??? it's an awesome job greetings from Spain
  5. TyranoParker


    So share this skin? it looks awesome i'm wearing that model please would you make me very happy