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  1. I'm so grateful! I'll be downloading that asap. This community is awesome, I swear.
  2. Oh my god, you are the best! It looks amazing, whatever you think works, I trust you. Definitely wanna avoid the clown look haha
  3. Wow, thanks! There's no terrible rush, I'm sure I'll be doing a dozen or more playthroughs lol
  4. I like PFHC05 the best out of the vanilla female heads, but I'd love to have it reskinned as a real redhead, with freckles and fair skin, green eyes are a plus too. Hair closer to red than orange would be best, But beggars can't be choosers, right? Is this something that can be done?
  5. I beat him finally but he only dropped the two lightsabers he was wielding, not the seven and bonus surprises. Did I do something wrong?
  6. Gotcha, that's very informative. I think my mod build is final now so I should have no other problems. It seemed weird to me too, but it's pretty mild and doesn't really matter much. Thanks for helping out so much.
  7. Should I avoid using any mods at all that involve appearance.2da from now on? Or would just installing them before K1CP work to keep them from wrecking things? I'm still trying to learn how it all works and relates to each other. Sounds good, I'll just link them going forward, thanks again. Last thing if you don't mind, I notice sometimes when a conversation begins, the first line of subtitles is not shown. This is usually fine for anyone speaking basic, but for aliens or other languages it's difficult to know what's being said. It's negligible but if it's a simple fix it's worth fixing.
  8. Well thanks for all your help on this, I might just skip the Ajunta Pall mod at this point because I've been at this for over a week and I just wanna play. If I understand correctly, I would need to copy the contents of Svosh's mod (without the appearance.2da) plus the TXIs you attached, into my Override. Would that work? I appreciate your patience. Thank you for explaining the rules, I wasn't intending to "rehost or redistribute" the mod, I just wanted to show you what it was and exactly the files I had installed. That's the same exact zip I downloaded from right here on DeadlyStream, just as they uploaded it. What would be the preferable way for me to share that in the future?
  9. Man, you're just everywhere like a superhero here, you always know exactly what the problem is. I appreciate it! I do have one other mod that messes with appearance.2da and specifically mentions an edit I should make to said file, should I just go ahead and not use this mod? So the instructions for that Ajunta Pall mod say: "Move ONLY the contents of the "Non-Transparent Skins" folder (IGNORE the files of the Sith Eyes subfolder AND all the main files in the directory (appearance.2da, etc.)) from the main mod to your override; the files in the main folder will be installed via the patch, for compatibility reasons." What patch is it talking about? The community patch? Or the secondary "Patch" they link for the Ajunta Pall mod? That patch is where I got the TSL Patcher that I ran to begin with. I didn't run the TSLPatcher from the main mod. Do I not need the "Patch" from that list?
  10. I have a bunch of mods installed and I was verycareful to follow all instructions exactly, and I didn't think any of them affected NPC textures at all so I'm not sure how this happened. The screenshots speak for themselves. What could have caused this, and how would I go about troubleshooting/fixing it? Screenshots in spoiler tag.
    These are amazing! The blue is a little lighter than I'd like; a deeper, slightly darker blue would look better in my opinion but overall these are the best looking blades!
  11. Gotcha. Well hopefully after this I won't have to keep bugging you. Thanks so much for all your help.
  12. That's a lot simpler, thanks! I'm confused, which TLK?
  13. I was afraid of that lol oh well. I'm pretty sure I had reinstalled it over itself before I even consulted here, so I guess I doomed myself from square one lol thanks for your help and frankness. What would be the most efficient way to do this? I can just uninstall through steam and reinstall, right?
  14. I appear to have encountered another issue, and this one is kinda funny actually. I think, due to installing the mod three times, I've mucked things up a bit. I arrived on Dantooine and where I assume there is supposed to be two Jedi sparring, there are six, three pairs of the same two Jedi, all swinging their sabers around in a flurry of chaos. Also, there's one floating with spooky effects that I can only assume is supposed to be in a tank on the Star Forge. Throughout the enclave I'll find sets of triplets that I'm sure are supposed to be the Jedi added by this mod, but tripled. I'm not sure how I would even go about fixing this. However, I'm also concerned that removing any files now to fix it could bug my save out a bit. I haven't progressed much on Dantooine beyond finishing my Jedi training, so it's not the end of the world if I have to start over, but I'd prefer not to. I'm also concerned that once I actually reach the Star Forge, there will be three of every Jedi Captive and this will affect the fight. Any thoughts?