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  1. I purchased the game from Steam and have the V1.8.5 of TSLRCM. If I want to update this to V1.8.6 should I remove the version I have and download the newest version from here? You'd think that Steam would have the most up to date game file but looks like they don't.
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    I'm only giving this a one star because I'm having trouble using this page to download mods. I'm used to Nexus mod manager (use that mostly for Skyrim) along with Vortex which does the installing for you and also easily enables you to enable or disable a mod. For people who have been using this for a long time I'm sure by now they know what to do, but for a new comer like me it's very difficult and time consuming especially when you get 30 error messages. I even went on YouTube to see if there was a how to video on how to use Deadly Stream but I couldn't find one. If anyone knows of one or could make a video that would help people like me who are new to this page.