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  1. Anybody here familiar with Dreams on PS4? I was thinking it would be fun to do a fan remake of kotor 1 in Dreams. There's already tons of Star Wars content on that platform. I doubt the House of Mouse can send a cease and desist to everyone making SW content on there. I think it's a pretty good platform to modernise the game.
  2. Have a look in the tutorials and modding tools forums. Plenty of info in there on how to make a start. What is it you want to make?
  3. What program are you using to do this? You seemed to crack out a self illume on the eyes in five minutes when I asked. I've tried doing it with cm bright, but it's a much better effect with self illum.
  4. Nice one dude! Spent hours modding my character ti have glowing eyes and tattoos in tsl, didn't bother with kotor 1 cuase there was never a closeup in andriod. But for sure doing it now.
  5. Would you be open to doing a UI fix for the dialogue options? choosing a dialogue response takes up the whole screen. And i can never see the up close of my characters face that i spent hours retexturing
  6. Still having trouble with this. So the texture im trying to alter is Mira's face. P_MiraH.tga. So ive gone and created P_MiraH.txi, with the code envmaptexture CM_Bright. Then i go into the Alpha in photoshop and make a black iris. Still trying to get the eyes to glow. However when i hit save and copy it to override, the iris is completely black. The alpha texture is being read as a solid colour over the top regular textures. What am i doing wrong? I tried it with another texture. Time it was the mod that allows you to play as one of the of the Twilek Assassins. That already had a working alpha channel and .txi, with Cm_Baremetal. I went in and changed the .txi to envmaptexture Cm_Bright. But when i load it into the game its still reflecting Cm_baremetal.
  7. To be fair I'm not sure it's your mods that's the problem. Bastilas tsl robe, rEvans items, and revans robe mods dont seem to work through KSE or cheats either. In fact the only armor mods I've gotten to work so far are the one that replace armors already found in game or from a vendor. So in this case the JAL shey ones work, but I cant get malak, or thexan or the bonus ones to work. Any mods that adds a new robe just doesnt work. I worked around this by sticking the malak texture over the JAL shey robes instead. As the malak on is my favourite. I even edited to alpha channel to add more strips of shine how I like it. I altered cm baremetal to do a whiter shine, and added a gemstone to centre of the armor. Even though it doesnt seem to work how it's intended, I'm happy with the workaround. Just wish I could get revans robes working too. I think it's a problem with the appearance. 2da, however my modding skills are not developed enough yet to fix it.
  8. Anyone know whats going on here? how i can fix it?
  9. Awesome. Thanks you so much for that information. I was really confused as I couldn't find a tutorial that explained it. I think I finaly understand how to do this. Two final questions though. I can edit the cm-bright colours to reflect the colours I want to glow. However can I create a new cube map for multiple glow colours, or can I only replace cube maps? Say I want one set of eyes glowing blue, and another set of eyes glowing green? If I could do that where do I paste the new cube maps? And what file name would I call them? Also. I noticed the alpha is black and white. So I'm assuming the areas I want to glow I make white right? Or black?
  10. Ok slow down. Cuase im getting a bit confused here. I understand that to assign an envmaptexture, i need to make a .txi with the codes like cm_bright and have it the same name as the .tga texture. For example the texture file for the head im using is TorKirals.tga. So now i would create a .txi called TorKirals.txi and inside it paste the envmaptexture codes right? What im not understanding is how to get the bright effect on the texture itself? How do i define on the .tga what areas glow, or what areas reflect cm_baremetal ect? Also what is an alpha channel? My photoshop experience has been entirely digital painting, so im not 100% clues up on any of this.
  11. So i try to add these in KSE 3.3.7, but when i go to inventory, your armors are all highlighted in red, and when i try to apply them and commit changes it corrupts my save. Im not sure what im doing wrong here. This isn't the first armor and items mods thats done this. Ive got a ton of mods added that are highlighed in red and i just cant seem to get them to work. Cheat console sucks because i can't see what im typing or even how to bring up the cheat menu.
  12. So I've installed a bunch of armor mods. Revan Items, and Loki's Jedi armor mod, for the tsl, Among numerous others. Heres the thing though. When i try to add these items to my inventory in KSE, they are highlighted in red. When i try to add them to my inventory i can hit apply, but when i hit commit i get an error message and also a corrupted save. I always make a save backup just in case i corrupt one, so its not affected my progression through the game. It just sucks i can't get these armors in the game to wear on my character. KSE_Errors.txt
  13. A fair enough. I was going for more a speed run, as ive played the game multiple times and didnt much care for doing some of the quests. I payed the little bat 2000 creds and it triggered. Forgot he was there, hiding away in the corner there.
  14. So there's a glitch in tsl nar shaddaa, were the cutscene where atton tells you you have an invite from the exchange to the jekk jekk star VIP room, doesnt trigger. Its seems like this glitch was present in the original release and was never patched. Has anybody fixed this glitch? I really dont want to have to do 4+ hours of nar shaddaa again?
  15. Hey there. Really impressive texture work youve done. have you released any of the files in this mod? Like texture packs for each level you've done?