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  1. [K1] No more unrealistic visual effects

    This mod was inspired by Shem's Realistic Visual Effects from way back when. For those of you who don't remember, Shem's mod removed speed blur, glowing hands during melee attacks, force wave and sparkly healing animations. I've decided to take things a step farther and remove everything that could be considered unrealistic, such as:
    - the brief green glow that occurs after being poisoned
    - anything visual associated with friendly powers (valor, force resistance, shield, etc.)
    - glowing or smoking hands when using certain powers
    - the shield-like stasis effect
    - swirling white lines indicating confusion
    - the black 'scorch' effect that appears on the ground after some explosions (which is realistic, admittedly, but looks like hell)
    - the 'goo' effect that appears after smashing Kinrath eggs (which is also realistic, but, much like the 'scorch' effect, looks horrific in-game)
    - animated scopes (power blast, sniper shot, etc.)
    Why do something like this? Personally, I can't stand the glowing, sparkling and otherwise silly or ugly visual indicators in KotOR. This sort of thing might be useful for anyone looking to create machinimas... which probably aren't a thing anymore, but oh well. I've also included a couple optional extras: a blank texture that replaces the blue nebula thing - which can be seen during a variety of in-game cutscenes and typically looks pretty bad - and also a reworked camera. The edited camera definitely isn't for everyone, but to me it looks more modern without going totally overboard. I've adjusted it so that there are no differences between the default, combat and Ebon Hawk camera angles.
    This probably isn't compatible with other mods that alter 'visualeffects.2da' or 'spells.2da'. I don't use K1R, so I'm not sure whether or not there are any conflicts. It will work with the Community Patch, however, but you must install my mod afterwards. And finally, a huge thanks to Fred Tetra for his KotOR Tool. Enjoy.


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  2. [K1] Improved dialog.tlk

    ** Improved K1 dialog.tlk compiled by KnifeMaster, with huge contributions from Gimmick5000, Salk, Kainzorus Prime and DarthParametric **
    This mod attempts to fix all known typos, subtitle mismatches, bad punctuation and other grammatical sloppiness found in the first KotOR game. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Gimmick5000 for discovering the overwhelming majority of these issues while working on his "eXtensive Dialog Overhaul" mod, and Fair Strides for his TLK>TXT tool. Gimmick's "eXtensive" project aims to replace a lot of player responses, though, while this one keeps those as is... sort of. Kainzorus Prime was kind enough to let me use his "PC Response Moderation" as the basis for this mod, which is a massive improvement over Bioware's player responses. If you're interested in Gimmick's dialog overhaul, be sure to follow it here:
    Quite a few corrections were also made by Salk, DarthParametric, ebmar and myself, but unfortunately I don't have a complete list of fixes. Most of the issues are listed in Gimmick's thread, and a few more can be found here:
    I'm sure there are still errors out there, but hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands have been fixed. To install, simply replace the stock dialog.tlk file in your "swkotor" folder with this one. I highly recommend using this mod on a clean install of the game. And, of course, INSTALL THIS BEFORE any other mods that alter KotOR's dialog.tlk. It should be compatible with K1R, but you must install K1R afterwards.
    So, in summary: lots of typos and subtitle mismatches fixed, no more double, triple or quadruple (yes really) exclamation or question marks, dashes ( - ) used less liberally and a few awful run-on sentences have been reworked. Enjoy, and feel free to report any issues on the download page.


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  3. [K1] 1080p/1440p Loadscreens and UI Fixes

    These are a set of HD loadscreens for the first Knights of the Old Republic game, made from JackInTheBox's high quality UI assets. I've also fixed a few miscellaneous problems regarding symmetry and alignment with Jack's assets, but I haven't made any unnecessary stylistic changes.
    You must install the following mods BEFORE mine:
    A widescreen patch, preferably UniWS
    ndix UR's "KotOR High Resolution Menus"
    Jack's "HD MENUS AND UI Assets"
    Enjoy, and please do report any issues you find.


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