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  1. This mod used to be up on nexus, but now it has been taken down due to gamefront being back online but it is not there either. Full name of Mod was Padme Amidala (PC) 2.0 made by an author with queen in their name Images of the mod I was able to find download (1).jfif download.jfif
  2. I just started my kotor play through on pc and when Im'm playing on dantooine or under ground tarris I have mods installed but I don't think thats whats causing them. Also I'm playing off of a disk if that means anything. Info n what causes this or a fix would be appreciated. -Thxs
  3. So I was using the the mod fett style mandolorians for k1 and when I tried taking canderous' armor off it stayed on. So I unistalled the mod but I didn't have the file s backed up so I screwed it up and removed canderous entirely by mistake some how. If you could help me with canderous' base game files or how to fix this it would be much appreciated. I attached the fett style mandolarian mod I was using. Disclaimer (IDK if this is necessary but I dont want to get in trouble) I didn't make this mod or modify it in any way.
  4. Does anybody have the Fett style mandalorian mod for k1. It got taken off of nexus once gamefront reopened and it's not on there so I don't know where to find it. (Attached image of one from the nexus)
  5. No as in Return of the Jedi vader had a natural red crystal explaining why it had a more pinkish color Edit: Vader used the natural red lightsaber crystal between a new hope and empire
  6. I'm trying to install kotor 2 from an external disk drive but every time I try to open it, it comes up with this
  7. ok update I forgot how to get to any of the files any help wold be appreciated.
  8. I have watched this video before but I have run into a couple of problems when trying to do what he did. I have no height and width in my .ini and when I try to save changes it won't let me. Thank you for your help
  9. I need help changing my screen resolution to 1920x1080 . I've looked at most of the video online but they all apply to steam and I'm using a disk. P.S I'm running on windows ten Any help would be appreciated thanks
  10. clone3797


    I don't know if this matters to any one but I found a way to record ps now game play of the force unleashed one and two fallow the videos instructions and record your screen using obs.
  11. I'm playing on windows ten and and I need help changing my screen resolution to 1920x1080. I've looked at all the videos but they're all for steam and I'm using a disk copy of the game. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. thank you, you're great, also thanks for the quick response
  13. I was amazed to be able to find this mod here I had been searching for this mod for the past couple months so I could share it with negative zero. Since you guys are so good at finding lost mods I was wondering if you could find one for me. Tk102's birthday quest seen here if you could find it I would appreciate it. Thxs