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    Sabers of the Old Republic

    Following this with high an excitement and anticipation. Kotor's been my favorite game for years and years, but I only *just* got into modding it, obviously going a lil crazy with the modding. Hoping to see this see a final form. I thought I was doing something wrong when I didn't get the PC lightsaber... not getting Belaya's either. She does the dialogue, but I don't get the item. But then again, I'm trying to mash so many things together. The restorations mod, Crixler's new lightsaber crystals mod, diversified jedi captives on the star forge mod... I don't have any programming knowledge, so i've been clumsily playing around with what the various tools let me figure out... mostly UTC, M, and P's..... Don't really have things to contribute, but whatever encouragement it is: I can't wait to see this fleshed out.
  2. Alliniere

    Download:Cassus Fett’s Unique Armor

    Everytime I scroll over Cassus Fett's armor to equip it, KOTOR crashes and exits to desktop.