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  1. In Telos Academy, Handmaiden Sisters don’t appear, cut scenes can’t be triggered and I can’t depart.
  2. Thanks, anyway, for letting me know that was not possible. I will find other means, to either make more powerful non-upgradeable sabers, or to make custom crystals.
  3. Well, I just want to add some attributes bonus and feat requirements to make these sabers more like TOR-classes, so I used normal lightsabers as models. As far as I can remember, the first thing I did is to add attributes bonus, all these bonuses, requirements and penalties and so on and set a unique model number like g_w_dblsbr076 for my Sith Assassin's Double-bladed Lightsaber, for example, based on the model g_w_dblsbr076. I intended to make a red one. Then I used red double-bladed saber's tga file, which is iw_dblsbr004, changing its name to iw_dblsbr076, for the thumbnail. After that, I used cheat to attain that saber, but when I equipped the saber, it emitted blue blade and when I used workbench to examine its upgrade, there was no color crystal in the middle slot. As I said above, the game crashed when I clicked that empty middle slot. Then I tried to find u_l_colo_04.uti for a red crystal, changing its name, tag, model version and the other thing through K-GFF editor to 76, also making a iw_sbrcrstl_076.tga file. By using KOTOR tool, I extracted a mdl file and changed its name to ....76. Like the Bundle Tutorial on DeadlyStream showed, I viewed the file through hex editor and changed each 01 in w_lsabrered01 to 02. I thought there were nothing else to do because there were nothing additional for me to add in a txt file and saved the files, extracting mdx file and changing its name. Dragging all these files to the override folder, opening the game, I used cheat to attain the saber again and this time, when I clicked the saber on equipment screen, the game crashed. My intention is simple: to bind a normal red crystal in my no-crystal-custom-made Sith Assassin's saber. But I don't know how to do this.
  4. Hello everyone I'm Eterna1Warrior and new to this forum. I just followed some of the tutorials in Deadlystream and started making my own mod: TOR advanced classes-inspired lightsabers. After I edited the color crystal .tga and .uti files, lightsaber .uti and .mdl files, etc., however, when I opened the game and began to test my lightsaber, I encountered problems. First of all, when I was going to equip my lightsaber by clicking it, the game crashed; I have to restart the game. When using workbench to try to examine the upgrade slots, there were no color crystals in the middle slot, and when trying to click that empty slot, game crashed. So, please, experienced mod-makers, help me so I can put my custom-made sabers in good uses.