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  1. A few things though I prefer 1.2 overall.

    1. The teleportation system is good. Less walking that way (can take forever as we all know lol).

    2. The gonk droids were a nice touch.

    3. I liked Kaah being in the central zone after clearing everything up.

    4. Separating the modules in the industrial zone was a good idea.

    5. All the new droid voices were nice plus. 

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  2. Well, I've played 1.2 several times, and I think I liked that version better than 1.5.

    1. I didn't like bringing the Sith Assassins in. Though not great, I liked Vash dying better in 1.2 than in 1.5.

    2. Didn't like Kaah's death all that much either compared to 1.2. I would rather he and Vash live somehow (re casting the voice may be the way to do this like you said).

    3. Not sure if I missed it, but I didn't like removing that quest with the droid who gives you a mission when you play as Hk, T3 or GO-TO.

    4. The droid that gives the mission to find out where the true colonists come from appears to be have been removed sadly.

    5. Not sure if it just me, but the black market droid crashes every time I click on it.

    6. I liked the original opening scene better and this one didn't seem as good IMO.

    7. I didn't like the police droids being removed either.

    8. This version felt a lot more buggy over all (one quest I completed (rogue assassin part quest I think) opened back up in the Research and Development center after it was already closed.).

    9. Not sure why the recent events mission was removed. I liked that one.

    10. I would also just get rid of the new sequence on the landing pad at the end. Felt weird and out of place imo.


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  3. Very interesting, Sith Holocron!

    I agree with @jc2 with regards to Vash being treated very unfairly in the game and recasting may be needed to give her more to do.

    However, if she had a more active role in the story, what would be her fate?

    If she survives and makes it to Dantooine, will she pull a Zez and Kavar and start blaming the Exile for everything?   

    It would be a shame for the only actual nice Jedi to cave like that and then get struck down by Kreia like the others.

    What do you think?

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  4. Honestly (and this is just a theory) based off of Dessicus's dialogue, he doesn't really seem like a "death worshiper" like his followers. He seems like he's just an arrogant a-hole who wants to prove he's the best. Maybe the whole "death worshiping" thing is just some sort of trick to recruit people who believe that stuff into joining the GenoHaradan.


    Kinda like how Hulas tricks the player in KOTOR 1 claiming you're killing his targets for the good of the Republic. 


    What do you all think?

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