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  1. I've just solved the problem. I'll write it there, if someone may need. It was due to the program running with .NET Framework on 64 bit. To force the application to run on 32 bit there is the following workaround:
  2. Well thanks, however the program is not installed, is just a standalone .exe I've put it in x86 but nothing happens
  3. Thanks! I've put it in the same folder as the .exe. However the error persists. I'm sure that .net 2.0 is installed (I'm on Win7) and is also enabled in the control panel. like before, It actually starts the .exe, but when I try to import whatever ascii or binary, it throws that error.
  4. Hi, it seems I can't run KAurora editor on my 64 bit system ("is not a valid 32 bit application"). I don't understand why it wouldn't. Do someone know a workaround for this?
  5. Hi, Mdlops seems to have a hard time compiling files which are too heavy. So, if I try to compile a .mdl heavier than say 1500 vertices, it throws an "Out of memory" error or just crashes. I tested it on some computers with good memory and CPU and the result is the same. Is it normal? And are there good alternatives to use?
  6. Thanks. Ok I think that given what I'm trying to do, restyling the whole area, I may rebake the whole lightmap. That's also an idea, how do you do that?
  7. What about the KAurora exporter? Could it work for automating lightmap export?
  8. Thanks guys, the 'Build Model BIF node in Tree' worked great.
  9. Hello guys, I'm trying to take map models .mdl from KotOR 2, modify them a little bit, and put them back into the game. I managed to do it but I get visibility problems: the whole model appears invisible, except for the objects with the glowing material and texture, as can be seen in the image. I guarantee that the .mdl geometry is there although invisible. In the second image I've removed part of the geometry so that the rest of the map can be seen through. I guess that this problem could be given by errors with the visibility map or the light map, but I have no idea of how to solve this.
  10. Yes, the path is right and I manage to export the items.bif with textures, the lightmaps also, and I guess also the other files.
  11. Hello, there is a very good tutorial for editing KotOR models: as the video shows, after you exported the model you have to edit with a 3d software. He uses 3dMax, you can alternatively use the free software Blender (as I do), in the latter case the script needed to export the Ascii .mdl in-out Blender is http://www.beastwithin.org/gaming/nwn/neverblender (there is also http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/3105-wip-kotor-model-exporter-for-blender/ but I still have to try it). Remember that Blender/3dMax read-write .mdl Ascii files, you'll have to convert them to bynary .mdl, which you can do with MdlOps.
  12. Hi guys, what's up? My problem is, I can't see the models under KotOR 1 (in the KotOR Tool), or actually I can see that folder but it appears empty (as you can see in the lower part of the attached image). Instead I don't get any problem with KotOR 2 and I can open them normally.