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  1. COOL ...like Predator Staff/Pike/Spear !
  2. Just use expanded ver. called "Complete Republic Armor 1.01"
  3. OzarMidrashim


    WTF ! Its like Iguana-on-a-stick melee baton.
  4. Great...use anim from this one ...and rest from "Revan's Hoodless Maskless Flowing Robes For K1 1.1" ...then just some better texture pack of robe like "Revan's Jedi Robes 2.0".
  5. Should be compatible with K1R ...all texture, sound or model replacer should be...as long as there is no TSL patcher making additional modification in other files - but if those are just same-named files in override folder you replace/swap it just should work.
  6. OzarMidrashim

    Zaalbar's Items

    Warblade looks like dual machete ...just love it.
  7. Looking at files i must unfortunetly tell you, they don't. But theose hilts are easy to find, ive seen them before in mod section.
  8. Its like Death Watch from Animated Series and prized JediMandalorian-DarkSabre element.
  9. I hope those lootable equipment is just for immersion, i hate when mods brake balance. Sounds as essential addition overall.
  10. OzarMidrashim

    Invisible Headgear

    It might be wiser to test skin & models packs before using this, and then make them invisible if no other replacers can sufice.
  11. OzarMidrashim

    Revan's Robes

    At lest for textures to replace in other mods. Placing them on Endar Spire is that one thing most people will not use them.
  12. OzarMidrashim

    Jedi Fix

    Well, considering many Jedi has their own type of robe it would be better if there has ben more than less variations. Good still...for those who prefer it.
  13. K1R ...anyone knows?
  14. Man...but then that cave in crush after it wears off... it really makes you sick or an addict. Its like Satan Drug of micromachines or cybernetics.
  15. Kinda sad it got restrictions...