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  1. So i encountered the problem real problem and i figured out that with your tip to autosave and then autoload i killed them and then my game triggered Geverick but he was invicible and when i try to attack him the game crashes here is the picture of my problem: (P.S can i avoide the battle and get out of the enclave or it is going to affect the story and the game?)
  2. 1) The Problem begun as soon as I was going to exit the enclave and when I attacked Gerevick. (All the other others were killable but that guy whenever I tried to attack him, the game froze.) 2) Yes, I have installed the latest. 3) I have the GOG version of the game. 4) Yes, I have updated the game. 5) I installed it over the old version. 6) I don’t think that counts because I tried to do that without the mods (I pulled the all out of the Override folder except of the restoration mod and it continued to crash). 8) Yes, I re-installed the mod. 9) No, I have not tried to start a new game and I used a different save. 10) Windows 7 home premium. 11) Yes, confirmed. 12) English. 13) English.
  3. Hello, I have a really disturbing bug that I don't know how to fix. You see, I am in the Jedi enclave and I am about to get out of the ruins and then I see some thugs (mercenaries) That they are trying to kill me so every time I go near them to kill them the game freezes and then crashes . . . any solution?
  4. Hello i really need to find a Revan's robe mod for KOTOR 2 and i can't find any link available... could someone please provide me a link for Revan's robe?