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  1. And of course, once I ask for help, I manage to figure it out. Disregard!
  2. Hey, So I’ve recently ventured into modding KOTOR (after learning dirty rigging and modding the crap out of Dragon Age with new meshes) and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of porting heads from The Old Republic. Not the part of ripping the meshes or anything like that; if there is some tutorial I couldn’t find on what to do with the mesh once it’s in 3dsmax since obviously my method of dirty rigging (merging an existing mesh and then deleting the old one) doesn’t work that great (works perfect for body meshes) since it’s a lot of different facial animations and lip syncs. Much appreciates!
  3. I'd use NinjaRipper just to avoid the headache of the encrypted files. Go into game, hit a button and it'll put all the meshes/textures loaded into a folder. Then you can use Noesis to convert the .rip file to an .obj (as JC said, this has it's own problems with flipping maps). This won't work so great (as I learned last week with a mobile game) if the game loads the animation before the mesh in which case the mesh will be in the stance rather then the configurable easy A-pose. Which I don't think TOR does...