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  1. Thanks both of you! I didn't think it would cause any issues but nice to see some other opinions. I'll only be doing one playthrough at a time anyway so it shouldn't be a huge issue, but that's a good point with K1, I will probably give it a miss on that one
  2. Ah cool, thanks for the reply. It's not so many that I can't just go through and file explorer re-name them all whilst watching something, given it takes like 5 seconds each save. Do you know if having many saves cause any in-game problems? I'm aware of memory leak from saving a lot per session, but couldn't find concrete answers on total saves
  3. Bit of an odd question I guess, but for neatness, I am trying to merge two save folders from different computers, but obviously, they have the same save numbers. Is there a way to change the save numbering so, for examples, the 200 saves from folder #1 can be 1-200 and the 200 saves from folder #2 can be 201-401? Whilst looking up for a solution I also saw some stuff about having too many saves in your folder causing crashing, is this a bit of an old wives tale or should I just avoid having a large save folder altogether?
  4. Anyone have any ideas? I tried going back to the beginning but I still ran into the same issue
  5. 1) Peragus fuel line in the fuel depot, after leaving the Harbinger 2) I have the latest version of both TSLRCM and M4-78EP 3) Steam Version 4) N/A 5) Fresh Install 6) A Darker Peragus, Peragus OTE, Darth Sapiens 2K T3-M4, Loot and Immersion overhaul, Darker Harbinger, Shem's ultimate sound mod, Various other texture mods not related to Peragus 7) When entering the fuel line from Harbinger, Improved AI, Achilles balance mod (just the autobalance .2da file) T3-M4 is not there but simply remains with all of his gear. Atton comments that T3 is there but there is no response from the disappeared T3-M4. 8) I have re-installed TSLRCM 9) I have gone back to just before I enter Harbinger, where on the cameras T3 is still in the fuel line. After I enter the Harbinger T3 still appears on the camera but there are also remains there alongside T3 and the keycode thing for the forcefield 10) I have not started a new game 11) Windows 7 (64bit) 12) I do see the TSLRCM logo and all other TSLRCM additions that I know of appear to be working
  6. Fantastic, that completely solved it. Thanks for the tip on the Nar Shaddaa complex, missed it when reading the compatibility list
  7. I'd recommend going over to the KOTOR subreddit where they have some nice lists of mods for both games, I think there is a few things there that no one has mentioned yet
  8. For Kotor 2 I have used KSE to edit their influence which, assuming I am dark side, will bring their alignment closer to the dark side. For kotor 1 you can just edit their alignment through the save editor as well I believe. If you want to corrupt them without mods/cheats then yeah do what Rece above mentions and corrupt them by making light side choices when necessary. You can google for influence guides to find at what point you can do that. I managed to successfully make Disciple, Mira and Bao-Dur go evil this way in my current playthrough
  9. 1) The problem occurred after my 3rd encounter with HK-50 droids 2) I have the latest install of M4-78 EP and TSLCRM 1.8.3 3) I have the 4cd version (English Version) 4) My game is fully updated 5) I used a fresh install 6) My other mods are mostly various texture mods. The only other I have is the Loot and Immersion Mod, Nar Shadaa Complex, Shem's Ultimate Sound Mod, High Level Powers and Improved AI 7) I have encountered at least 3 (probably around 6) with HK in my party and my journal says I need to return to the ebon hawk. But the dialogue is not triggering when I get on board and I am about to enter the Enclave to face the Jedi masters so I presume after that I will not be able to reach the factory. 8) I have tried reinstalling both TSLRCM and M4-78 9) I have tried using all saves after and just before the 3rd encounter 10) I have not tried starting a new game 11) Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit 12) I can see the TSLRCM logo and all other TSLRCM content has worked fine as far as I know
  10. I was intending to copy the whole of the game and overwriting everything
  11. Yep it's so I don't have to use the disc and for the steam overlay
  12. Hey all, I've just got TSL from the humble bundle and want to move my game over from the retial version. If I just copied and pasted all my modded contents from one version to the other then reinstalled anything like widescreen fix that is different for steam version could I still use my current saves?
  13. I run it fine without Frame Buffer. I've got the same ATI issues
  14. Reinstalled the game and that seemed to solve the error, no idea what caused it. This mod is brilliant though. Definitely improves the visuals in subtle but nicely noticeable ways
  15. Every time I try to run TSL with the Reshader I get a wierd runtime error. Any idea what it could be? I'm using TSLRCM, M4-78EP, Jedi Temple and various texture mods. My build is an Overclocked i5-3750K, 8GB Ram, AMD 7950 and an AsRock z77 Extreme4 Motherboard