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  1. It depends on the shader, they've added more types of ambient occlusion, (ssao, hbao, ssgi, raymarch), however yes it's been a pain to add a subtle ssao at least from my experience. I think it's not worth the drop in performance, even for ssao. I think the biggest things and why the thread exists, is I wanted to have a nice baseline that compliments all sectors of the game, doesn't break immersion, and reduces at most 25-50 fps as a whole. I am doing this on a gtx 470 so i can make sure it's not people only with titan x that can use it
  2. Thus far, SSAO is a huge killer, now that reshade has gotten popularity I will try to release some variations that don't break too much immersion.
  3. Not the best example, but this is with newest reshade, i like the ambient light shader
  4. By default effects should load. The Reshade.fx file has the scroll-lock key as a toggle to effects on/off. If it's still remaining of not sure, I'd recommend posting a screenshot of the directory. Also Crosire is continiously updating his injector. I imagine whatever minor issues, such as movies causing the injector to have problems, should be fixed very soon. Can you link a screenshot of the error? Or if you could link me the OPENGL32.log file If the log file is very large, delete it, start the game/reshade again.
  5. It will work in full-screen mode. Windowed mode is just recommended if you want to quickly adjust parameters in the Reshade.fx and see the results right away. Also for everyone, the new file has SSAO removed, I focused mostly on sharpness, tone-mapping, black/white levels, to bring out the washed out colors. Also the flares give a nice vibe. With SSAO removed, the performance hit should be significantly less.
  6. Ah, yeah it seems the requirements are gtx 400 series / radeon hd5xxx series or higher, i'll continue to update this thread if any changes.
  7. No problem, your problem actually helped because it seems like all Nvidia users will need 347.09 for now, until crosire works on a hotfix. seems like drivers prior to are mixing the RBG channels incorrectly, which is fixed in 347.09. I added that as the requirements for now. Cheers.
  8. Which Nvidia Driver are you using? The exe that Reshade gives you is if you don't do manual installation, so that his exe can determine that game running opengl, d3d9, etc and name the correct dll accordingly. With the pack I've provided it's unnecessary.
  9. Version 1.03, added toggle key for enabling/disabling effects "Scroll Lock" key is set to default
  10. Can you take a screenshot? hitting Prt Scr key will generate a normal screenshot and one with the effects on. Perhaps an issue with OpenGL & Nvidia, although I didn't note any issues like that during my testing. Ensure you are using the latest file I've uploaded, using ReShade 11.4
  11. added 2 screenshots comparing vanilla and ssao /w sharpening - also i added a reshade.fx file that will just apply those 2 effects. As the plugin continues to come out of beta, I will probably work on 3 presets.
  12. Depth of field disabled now, added new screenshots. DoF doesn't seem viable since it will blur menu, hud, etc. At least from my tweaking. I have also added the new Reshade.FX file (Version 1.1)
  13. Current Version (Beta) 1.07 Last Updated - January 22, 2015 Introduction This project implements tweaks the tone-mapping, adds effects such as SSAO, Depth of Field, Godrays, Bloom, sharpness, etc via Reshade by Crosire. Version History v1.07 - Added Reshade 0.13.1 & MasterEffect ReBorn 1.0.340 - Removed SSAO, added Gaussian Anamflare. Re-organized Effects in alphabetical order, sorted by FPS Hit / Performance v1.04 - Reduced darkening from SSAO, minor changes. v1.03 - Initial Release Requirements Your GPU must support OpenGL 4.3. Also ensure you have the latest drivers: Latest Nvidia Driver // GTX 400 series or higher // Drivers older than 347.09 will NOT work due to opengl bug - (May be resolved as of Jan 22, 2015, if you wish to use older driver) Latest AMD Driver // Radeon HD 5xxx or higher Installation Step 1 Download v1.07, extract the contents to the same folder as swkotor2.exe Step 2 Run the game > If everything worked, you should first get a prompt for reshade (Message Box) > Then in-game you will see text in the top left, also as you make edits in real-time > Press Scroll Lock key to disable/enable effects in-game Editing Effects In-Game Edit ReShade.fx to edit my presets in Notepad or Notepad++ > You can adjust effects in real time. I recommend running the game in Windowed Mode to save time. To run TSL in windowed mode, make sure your swkotor2.ini has the following codes added: [Display Options] FullScreen=0 [Graphics Options] AllowWindowedMode=1 FullScreen=0 > When in game, press ALT-Enter to activate Windowed Mode. Credit: Crosire - Official Website for Reshade Marty Mcfly - Facebook Effects used in v1.07 > Curves / DPX / Levels / Liftgammagain / Sharpening / Vibrance / Gauusiananamflare > Main focus was to improve the dull tones, bring out a bit of sharpness, improve black/white levels, and adding the flare as opposed to bloom. Old Screenshots: Image1 / Image2 / Image3 / Image4 / Image5 / Image6 / Image7 / Image8 / Image9 Image10 / Image11 / Image12 FAQ It's too dark / bright in game? > Adjust your brightness in-game to taste, I am using this monitor. Can I use FRAPS, MSI On-Screen-Display / Afterburner? > Fraps works and will record video/screenshots with effects enabled, wasn't successful using MSI On-Screen-Display / Afterburner. How much of a performance hit? > Open the Reshade.fx - I have sorted the effects under categories with the supposed FPS Hit, I am using a GTX 970 so your results may vary. How to apply antialiasing like in your screenshots? > Use this guide if Nvidia GPU How to enable/disable effects / toggle key? > Hit "Scroll Lock" key, right above your Home key. Can I take screenshots? > Either user FRAPS, or hit the "Prt Scr" key when in-game. This will save a screenshot in your kotor directory (same as executable). It will generate a normal screenshot (vanilla, no effects), as well as with effects. This way you can make easy comparisons. What can we look forward to in the future? > Hopefully a good integration of Depth of Field. All that i tested, I still had hud, menu, chat being blurred, so it wasn't worth it for gameplay purposes. As Crosire's Reshade comes out of beta and is more stable, an official release here, with 2-3 different presets. Hopefully more shaders like SMAA implemented too. This way we will have other options for antialiasing with same or less overhead. I'm still trying to find the best balance of black/white levels, and tone-mapping, please share your screenshots here so we can compare