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  1. I've just completed the game having a female exile and choosing the handmain thank to the mod downloaded from this site. If I remember well the only modification made by hand, was for merging the global.jrl with the tools found on Holowan Laboratories called 'JRL Merger'. I don't remember other modification but I'll check again and let you know... This is the mod I used anyway : "Handmaide 4 Females - Disciple 4 Males (for TSLRCM 1.8.1) 1.0" downloaded from this site in the download section.
  2. Sorry but... I've used together and worked fine...
  3. Indeed!! It's happened also on other place!!! What a strange bug... anyway, thank you again
  4. Hi, First of all, great job! I've been able to end the game with many parts I have never seen before and it all worked really fine, thank you! I only saw some small problems at a few points: In the HK factory for some dialogue options, there isn't audio. I found three Hk-50's torturing another HK-50 and there, the dialogue 'runs off' quickly because there were no audio, so I missed it until I had the option to attack them. The end game sequence cut scene was completely without audio!!! Has someone other than I had this problem? How do I fix it?
  5. Yes I saw the hilarious torturing scene and when I ask to hk-47 something about the other assassin droids, he tell me where to find them. Then appear another message saying that in that moment could not be visited that place, so I suppose that before I must end some other plot. Thank you again
  6. @Hassat Hunter Sorry, it's my fault. I found the error: I copied the backup in another place, the override of the game for trying mods and then I forgot to clean the new override folder... and for search of file installed I looked in the wrong folder!!! Sorry and thank you for the help
  7. I wanted just write here my appreciation for all your efforts in completing the game : thank you
  8. @Hassat Hunter No, I haven't that file. I just checked for it, because I saw a post of another user @MrPhil Yes I spoken with 'it' before encountering the HK-50's and HK-47 told me that the sensor was utilized for tracking us. But inside the journal I never saw updating the message saying 'first encounter', 'second encounter' until the last one where suggest me to speak with hk-47 the first time I return on Ebon Hawk... but then nothing happened.
  9. Hi all, I searched the forum but I haven't found something like the problem I have : In the journal, I can see the message saying to return to Ebon Hawk to speak with HK-47 about the HK factory, but when I speak with him, he continues to say that doesn't know where the factory could be!!!! Is there some variable modifier with KSE to let the quest trigger????? Thank you Bye bye
  10. Regcod


    Hi all, I have a request, I searched on google if there was already some mod that let the female player wear Mira, Handmainden robe and Twilek sister assassin clothes without overwritting some other existing one but I found none. If somebody is able to make them would be really nice. Thank you, bye
  11. Hi, really nice work, but there could be the way to let also a female pc to wear it?