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  1. When Kyle Katarn plays KotOR2, he starts out at level 50 and goes up from there. Mace Windu didn't cause the Emperor's face to be scarred, he looked at a picture of Kyle Katarn. Kyle Katarn is KotOR3.
  2. Kyle Katarn doesn't use the force, he is the force. When the Emperor was young, he slept with a Kyle Katarn plush doll. Darth Sion mocked Kyle Katarn once while shaving with a vibroblade. Kyle let him live in his current state.
  3. I got it too. It's probably a simple fix, but it would require someone with FTP (or direct) access to the server and knowledge of PHP unless it was a glaring error, like a misspelling. Dreamweaver has a good PHP compiler so running index.php through it should find the error.
  4. I like the new robes. Are you going to be recoloring her hood as well? I think for the white and brown robe she should have a brown hood with some white and gold on her veil, or whatever it's called that's covering her eyes.
  5. Kyle Katarn doesn't wear pajamas, the cold knows better than to bother him.
  6. Chuck Norris looks underneath his bed every night for Kyle Katarn before going to sleep.
  7. ^^ I think Lucas stayed away from his original story too long and let outside influences be too influential. Now that Disney has the reigns, we'll see how it turns out.
  8. Vogga dons the dancer's outfit and dances for Kyle Katarn when he wants a quick nap.
  9. I've worked on enough mods for other games to know that giving a release date is never a good idea, ZM90. My comment was meant to be a joke at Sith Holocron. As for my work, I have over a dozen Morrowind mods that I can offer as examples of my work. I have no issues with learning how to mod K1R. From what I've seen of dlg files, they operate similarly to how NWN handles conversations so as soon as I learned the tools, I'd be able to jump into doing dialog. The problem I have right now is that I don't know what tools I would need to mod, nor how to use them. The thing with NWN is that all dialog is contained in the mod itself. It looks like K1R is like Morrowind in that dialog is part of the game itself (technically it's in the Morrowind.esm "mod", but you need that file to actually play the game), but you can modify said dialog via the construction set that comes with the game. I haven't seen anything similar for K1R. If you can point towards some good tutorials, I'd appreciate it.
  10. Okay, smarty pants, when will it be done? Neither could I.
  11. I broke a joystick playing Asteroids on an Atari 2600. I think my all time favorite game was Ultima V for Commodore.