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    Remember the days when the Status Update section wasn't dominated by one person?
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    The Bad Batch is turning out to be a bad batch. It's a shame, because it started off great.
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    I have returned, and I would like to ask everyone to stop uploading my work without asking. JDub, sorry, but no.
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    Took all day just to get the power button in the right place, re arrange the map, reskin, and export. Then to convert the saber to Crazy34's blade models. Best I could do really, not being too savvy anymore.
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    Hi, hab dir ne PM geschrieben. Glaub du hast die übersehen ^^
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    Do I still need Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 to run KotOR Tool anymore? EDIT: I'm sure I do, but can no longer find it. Anyone have ideas? Edit 2: hey nvrmnd, I found it. Got it from Softonic. Reinstalled Windows last night and have to piece everything back together.
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    Some insight on the editing of STAR WARS (1977), intended as a rebuttal of the "How Star Wars was saved in the edit" video. It provides the reasoning behind the edit of one of the previous cuts of the film. Jump to the intercutting section starting at 28:28. > YouTube <
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    I have reskinned TSL's default door, known for its appearances on Telos, M4-78, and Peragus. This texture was reskinned for Peragus Expansion Pack I have created another version of the door in a separate download.
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    Successfully spawned a new character. Attempting to assign dialogue animations and create new armor.
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    Couple of questionable visual changes (especially to Mass Effect 1) and the human faces/eyes look a bit odd at times, but man, it is good to play through the trilogy again in the Legendary Edition. The gameplay tweaks to ME1 in particular make for a much smoother experience.
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    Just got my second vaccine. DarthParametric, you can take your mask off. I'm not contagious anymore!!!
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    Well, that's nowhere near as demanding as I was expecting.
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    Computer keeps crashing. Blue screen of death. Seriously considering reinstalling windows. Arrrgh.
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    Haven't been active on deadlystream in a long time. What I miss? (aside from a lot and Sith Holocron's retirement) In case anyone asks, I've been more active as a developer on Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, a mod for Jedi Academy. I haven't had a lot of interest or energy to do anything kotor related in a long time. The spark and inspiration isn't there at the moment. I'm kind of burnt out. The sad thing is I recorded footage for czerka commando that would get deleted for storage reasons and started a script that never got finished. Will it happen? yes. will it happen soon? I'm not making anymore promises. plus i have other passions projects I've been on and off on for a while.
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    Nearly finished Nar Shaddaa Got good loot Realized I forgot to install M4-78 ... FML