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    Reached level 32. Went to Fassa to finish the pylon quest... ... He doesn't give you quest rewards once you're past level 25. *sigh*
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    Work in progress sneak peek, TSL Twi'lek Pack 2021: 20 chars, matching underwear, matching and unique dancer's outfits for the females, based on Bastila's robes.
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    That's it. I can't work on this anymore. Bluuuhhhhhh.
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    Just realized I've been off and on working on this thing for ten...count 'em, TEN months!! I'm gunna strangle myself.
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    Don't visit that often these days, but i am noticing a lot of spamming lately....
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    Couple of questionable visual changes (especially to Mass Effect 1) and the human faces/eyes look a bit odd at times, but man, it is good to play through the trilogy again in the Legendary Edition. The gameplay tweaks to ME1 in particular make for a much smoother experience.
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    So apparently using a Plasma Torch on the thorium charges footlocker isn't a very good idea, nearly killed me with like 64 damage.
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    Haven't been active on deadlystream in a long time. What I miss? (aside from a lot and Sith Holocron's retirement) In case anyone asks, I've been more active as a developer on Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, a mod for Jedi Academy. I haven't had a lot of interest or energy to do anything kotor related in a long time. The spark and inspiration isn't there at the moment. I'm kind of burnt out. The sad thing is I recorded footage for czerka commando that would get deleted for storage reasons and started a script that never got finished. Will it happen? yes. will it happen soon? I'm not making anymore promises. plus i have other passions projects I've been on and off on for a while.