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    Big guns: I had to do an update for my Harbinger Hull Fixes mod. While I was at it, I figured I should probably address something that has always bothered me. So I hacked up the Harbinger's exterior model, made some new gun meshes, and plonked it on top of the bridge. And since the bridge is just a reskin of the Endar Spire's bridge, it will also slot straight into K1. I think I might add some actual mesh frames to the glass as well, give those dirt stains something to actually accumulate around. One drawback is that the guns now almost completely block the docking collar which I added previously. Oh well.
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    For the first time in over half a decade, the original "Canderis" account has been returned to me! Add me on Old School Runescape if any y'all play haha
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    I'm going to give using the Kotor Level Editor (KLE) by Lachjames a try for a Korriban Academy mod.
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    Reoccurring question: Girlfriend: "Are you doing nerdy stuff again?" Me: "Yes, of course."
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    Finished KotOR 1 on instant death difficulty. A very interesting experience compared to the way I typically play the game for sure.
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    Why did I make that stupid TSL writing overhaul proposal thread... I think I still had some points about the narrative not airing views other than Kreia's enough, and maybe some other things, but large chunk of what I said has turned out to be half-baked (either things I was wrong about, or things I have incomplete info about to properly compose responses with), I keep falling into arguments that don't help anything, and any progress I make even on sample rewrites will be a long way off. And in the mean time, it seems to have become an attention black hole... *smacks self with keyboard*
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    https://www.twitch.tv/thor110 I've been streaming development of the Expanded Galaxy Project on Twitch for a few days now, come check it out, make suggestions and see the state of the project.
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    New version of Ebon Hawk Camera Replacement is up, thanks entirely to a fix made by DP.
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    I finally updated the first post to my topic for the Expanded Galaxy Project both yesterday and today to include the latest information and links for the project.
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    Happy New Year to my favorite modding community! Thanks for making 2020 suck less and here's to hoping for even more awesome mods for KOTOR & TSL in 2021. 😇
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    Hey well guess what? My pc just crashed and wont come on anymore. I’m guessing power supply but don’t know for sure. Was actually testing something in TSL and it just shut off. dead. capoot. Guess im done for awhile.