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    Juhani Appearance Overhaul - coming soon to your Override folders.
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    Merry Christmas Deadlystream!
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    Juhani's been hitting the gym.
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    First episode of The Mandalorian was great. Very gritty and had a unique feeling, looking forward to more of it!
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    Better formating of my Darth Bastila:
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    When it is approved, my in-dev mod pack will be available to download: Imagine the K1 Community Patch if ti was just my mods alone. That is the idea behind the Mini Mod Collection for TSL (Or MMC as I like to call it), every time I make a "mini fix" or "mini restoration" mod which does very little I will upload it to my MMC mod pack so that you, the player, can conveniently install them all at once instead of manually downloading a bunch of separate mods. Right now, it only contains a single restoration. I plan to post previews to upcoming updates in my WIP thread so that anyone who is interested will know what is coming soon:
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    The Mandalorian: Ep3 - WOW. More of that, please.
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    Help IGN realize that Lego Star Wars is not the best Star Wars game by voting in this poll.
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    Currently going through K1's dialog.tlk and fixing a bunch of typos. I'm tempted to leave this one in, though... https://i.imgur.com/6BkMcCo.png Credit to Gimmick5000 for finding this one, as well an many others.
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    All of these reviewers complaining how slow, how dull, how unoriginal The Mandalorian is. "It's like dozens of other things I've seen before, or all those other shows I've seen. The Mandalorian isn't all that great, give us something better!" "What? Tatooine again? Why does Star Wars always have a desert planet?" Moon, Mercury, Mars, maybe desert worlds are common? We get something that's more like original Star Wars and people want to pick it apart on the grounds that they've seen all of this before. "It's too much like Lone Wolf and Cub!" Funny how I didn't even think of that, even as I like Lone Wolf and Cub. Something about Baby Yoda invites a lot of wonder, what mysteries are there behind the child. What is going to happen, what will be revealed later on? What isn't being explicitly said in the show. Where did the child come from? Lucas had never revealed the species or the home world of Yoda's people, let alone why a child would be out in the galaxy and how whoever wants the child dead knows what it is and how. These people have seen so much maybe it's because of the over saturation of what they've read and seen before that they are bored with whatever comes out. I've learned years ago if I binge on so many of a kind of movie or kind of book, they all begin to seem the same, rather than have crucial differences. Sometimes taking a break from it, or not reading, seeing, all of the like kind can make a difference. The entire spectrum of sci-fi and fantasy media is so saturated in modern times, we tend to lose the sense of magic and wonder, or just good ole fun, we tend to expect others to serve up something new and original, rather than being more discriminatory in our consumption and appreciate what's already out there. We learn instead to see patterns of tropes as a serious literary study, missing what might not be explicitly spoken or displayed. Critique would be good if those who are deep into Mandalorian lore discuss whatever they've changed, or if there are stolen ideas from the EU that Disney officially ignores, but that is mentioned only once in a great while, not even discussed.
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    So, this summer I went to the local Comic Con in Colorado for the first time in two years (Life and school took priority), and got a replica of Revan's KotOR I Lightsaber (Or all the generic lightsabers in KotOR I & II, whatever you want to call it), with the plan to get Revan's TOR Lightsaber, and make a KotOR I Jedi outfit for next year's Con. Well, I finally got Revan's TOR Lightsaber. But, I think I might make a Prequel Jedi outfit first, then the KotOR I outfit. Yes, both blades are yellow, to match my KotOR I character; Aiden Surik (Who is the brother to Meetra Surik, AKA The Exile).
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    In lieu of birthday gifts, how about recording on your phones or microphones what you think of the M4-78 Enhancement Project for me? Make sure you introduce yourself as your screen name in your sound file.
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    Hello! Work on the TSL Loot & Immersion Upgrade is wrapping up after my span of time here in the TSL community!! I am very pleased to say that despite it's imperfections, the Loot and Immersion upgrade is playable with over 100 new skins. I am going to shift my attention to restoring some of my older mods to playable status. The older ones need some TLC. My final additions to the Loot and Immersion Upgrade will be released separately. They are almost ready to be released, I won't spoil what else I've done but I'm totally satisfied with this conclusion. Also, I have added a new feature to Beautified Saber Blades for TSL. I have replaced the silver crystal with a generic Kaiburr color crystal that you can choose the color of. I believe it works universally on the default crystal/hilt setup, but it may appear differently depending on what hilt mods you use:
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    Master and Apprentice. My Version of Darth Revan and Darth Bastila.
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    Just released Default Lightsaber Replacement v1.2: Now replaces double hilts as well as single and short ones:
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    Had Nar Shaddaa theme music in my head all day long. Yesterday, too. Now uninstalling and reinstalling TSL for a clean start after all of my experiments. Tomorrow it will be a install of a second K1, to have different sets of mods. It's funny how I sometimes want to play the other game when I'm playing k1 or k2.
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    Should I even bother putting my two cents in on the K1CP drama?
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    Operation kill Bastila remade has been updated to 1.6. Unfortunately due to the nature of the changes, you need to have a save from before you entered upper city Taris for the first time. However, if you are almost done Taris simply do not take off Bastila's disguise while in the upper city streets. On another note I am surprised it got to 1.6. I thought I would release it and be done, tbh. Ah well.. the best laid plans.