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    Yet anothor Zeison Sha / Jal Shey mod, pending approval. Shout out to DarthParametric for helping with the headless Atris model.
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    Hey guess what?! I finally get to binge watch all of the Mandalorian for a month. Sweet.
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    To all servicemen-and-women - both current and former - HAPPY VETERANS DAY!
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    Where are the Kreia underwear mods??? 😭😡🤡
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    Making good progress on a SotOR replacement. Just calling it KSR. Crazy34's new blade models and a full stats and placement rework. Should be good.
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    Overhaul mods are under construction until I can figure out what files got jumbled around. I had the kinks ironed out, but apparently the changes didn't save properly.
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    I've honestly never had a site force me to leave so quickly. Nexus TOS: https://users.nexusmods.com/tos#RightsYouAre Yeah, originally I thought this was going to blow over, but I can't keep using a site that forces me to sign those kind of terms.
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    How come the mod "I don't want to be a Jedi" has no comments or review section?