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    Version 1.0.0


    TSL Style Loading Screens for KotOR I made these loading screens for my port of KotOR to TSL but decided to release them as a standalone because why not. KotOR in TSL Trailer Though personally I prefer Sithspecter's coloured versions of the original KotOR Loading Screens found here : Loadscreens in Color But people have their preferences, so who knows maybe someone will like this. Reference : These are all made at 1280x1024 so they won't look right for anyone using 1920x1080 or any other widescreen resolutions, I do plan to make a pack of them at 1920x1080 at some point. Thanks & Enjoy Installation Copy files to the override folder. Uninstallation Delete files from the override folder. Notes The following three loading screens I did not make TSL version of yet. load_chargen.tga ( Before Character Creation Screen ) load_swoop.tga ( Swoop Race Mini Game ) load_turret.tga ( Turret Mini Game ) Thor110
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    Version 1.0.2


    When fading, a portion of the screen fades out of sync with the rest of the screen while using widescreen resolutions. This is a simple fix to solve that issue. To use: 1. Download 2. Move the file from the folder that corresponds to your display resolution into your override folder.