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    Does anybody want to test two mods I'm going to release to see if there's any bugs I've missed? It's massive updates to my TSL Inspired Crystals and Crystal Cave redux and upgradeable crystal mods.
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    Version 0.9


    This is basically just a drop in override mod for the vanilla masks of KoToR. With one exception: Tetas Royal Band Restored By Darth Insidious is required before that one will work. I included it because it is a vanilla mask, but it was hidden in the game files. All models and textures are overhauled. Some more than others. Even if the model does not look different by much there has been a lot of time and effort put into tweaking the UVs and editing the models to be smoother without adding too many polys. I wanted to release three of the masks as helmets, however those will be added later in an optional expansion of this mod. TODO: Fix some things about the textures such as glowing things that should be glowing, and add new replacement icons. If there are any model problems i will gladly fix them and re-up the whole archive. New file in addition to the main file is the icons for the new masks. Thanks to djh269 for offering to make these icons and send them to me. A huge help. That leaves trying to figure out some issues with reflection for some of the masks, and maybe a few animations that are supposedly supposed to be on them. Stay tuned for more great updates in the future!