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Not really a mod, more of a modding resource. Here I've gathered the 7 most useful
'lost' modules for KotOR 1 - that is, modules that had no .rim files, and were essentially
just room models in the game files. Why do I say 'most useful'? There are a few more -
one of which is a slice of corridor, and several bits of the Unknown World temple-top,
but none of these are much different or much more useful than the already existing modules,
or the ones I have packaged here. Neither are they particularly exemplary.


And so, here they are. I would guess that the modules' functions would be:


In 2006-7, I found a variety of 'lost' modules in KotOR I, which I released as a pack.
This consisted mainly of areas for which area models, walkmesh and lightmaps existed
in the game files, but no module file. I complied these for use.


Shortly aftewards I found around three others for TSL, which I intended to release
around the time of my release of another mod of mine. The mod got delayed, and I
forgot about the lost modules for a long time, until reminded by VarsityPuppet.


Unlike the KotOR I set, these don't appear to have been made for areas which were
then unused, but were probably for test effects, or similar purposes. They are:


000test - Empty, box-shaped room. The camera clips through the walls, like it
does in most custom modules.


000trl - Small, empty area with a foggy floor. Perhaps has something to do with
the main menu, when completed by a character with the Sith Lord prestige


999dia - Very large, flat plane, with walkmesh and lighting. Perhaps a test?


Usage and credit
I make no claim over usage - you may create and upload your own versions of this mod
however and wherever you like - but please credit me appropriately.


Please also do not upload or claim credit for an unmodified version of this mod elsewhere.
It's just rude.

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I think 000test was probably the room where Kreia said "he has come" after Sion arrives.

Nope, that's part of the Peragus module.

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Nope, that's part of the Peragus module.

Yeah, you're right. The module picture reminded me of that scene for some reason.

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