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Uploaded by permission of the author.


Original KotORFiles review:

"One of the most popular things to mod on this site is changing head selections. Most of the time authors make new skins and have them replace an existing default head. There are even times when two different authors make two different skins and both replace the same head. That's frustrating because you want both options installed in your override folder, yet it's not going to happen unless you know how to do some fancy editing.


Inyri Forge brings us a mod that gives you 10 new head selections that do not replace any of the current default heads in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. Most of the head skins are from past releases that replaced other heads. This is not the case being that this release will make all those new head skins available as separate heads. They even all have their own portraits.


There's a bonus head in this one that hasn't been released by the author. It's a Chiss head skin. The cool part about this head is that the Chiss will have blue arms and legs while in his underwear. The Darth Maul head will have black arms and legs to match the head color. The author's horn pack is included in this release since there is two Zabrak heads in this mod.


The TSL Patcher will install this mod since there are many .2da files that are involved to make this mod happen, the TSL Patcher will make it all compatible with any possible mods you�re using in your personal override folder that have .2da files involved. Enjoy the heads! biggrin.gif


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Installation Instructions:

This mod uses the TSLPatcher for installation. Run TSLPatcher.exe and follow the instructions provided.



This head pack contains 10 heads -- 9 I have previously released and 1 new head -- and adds all 10 heads to the head selection menu without overwriting any default heads. This pack also includes 3 non-human heads (2 Zabrak heads + horn masks and 1 Chiss head... because apparently everybody loves Chiss).



This mod has, by far, the most complicated TSLPatcher setup I've ever done, and my fingers hurt from copy-pasting. But without the patcher this mod would've been grossly incompatible with so many others... so I still wub it. <3


The included horns are exactly the same as the ones released with my Darth Maul head. Since that head is included, as well as my other Zabrak head, I included the horns as well. Here are the stats for the stuff:



+2 regeneration


Also the spawn names for the items are as follows:


HORN SET 1: giveitem zhorns

HORN SET 2: giveitem zhorns2

HORN SET 3: giveitem zhorns3

DARTH MAUL'S HORNS: giveitem zhorns4


You will need to cheat or use KotOR Savegame Editor (KSE) to get these items for the following reasons. Firstly, they're canonically impossible to find because they won't exist for thousands of years, and so would be out of place if I placed them somewhere within the story. Secondly... I don't think you should be randomly finding someone's lost set of horns out in a lockbox somewhere. That's only a *little* morbid and disgusting to think about. :P



None, I hope. The horns actually seem to be positioned right on most of the models. Naturally they'll look a bit out of place on models with hair. I don't really think that's a bug though.

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Currently the installer is broken. When i run it no option to select my games directory comes up. Ive tried re-downloading and it still doesn't work

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The TSL installer does not work, clicking it only opens a readme.  Admin/compatibility doesn't help. Without a working installer or instructions on how to install it manually, this mod is worthless.

Win 7, 64 bit

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I'm surprised that I found a solution !  Apparently the TSL patcher can be corrupted, and it appears the one packed with this mod is so.  I got an alternate copy here:


...and used that one instead.  The mod installed fine.  I recommend the web hosts re-upload this mod with a working installer.  I also suggest that other mods that only open a readme and don't install might work with a different installer.  HTH

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Seems I spoke too soon.  It appears there's a typo in the changes.ini file.  It caused the bearded brunette head (07) to replace the blue chiss head (09) on install, leaving you with a white head and a blue body. The line is:




which I believe should be




changing that line in the changes.ini file before installation should prevent the error.  If already installed, open appearance.2da and look near the bottom for P_MAL_I_SML_09 (line 533 for me) and scroll across to the normalhead column and replace the 115 code with the same number for MED_09 and LRG_09 rows (which was 117 for me). 


File dates look like someone changed the blue head files after initial release, perhaps deleting dark side skins (?), which is when I guess this error was made.  I dunno.  In any case, HTH again.

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