Female Mandalorians by Inyri Forge

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I always wondered where the were hiding the women.. Any chance of a kotor2 version? I tried myself but I'm rubbish, anyway this is the kind of mod I love. They look perfect and really add variety to the game.

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Well, of course the boobs are the first thing most people would notice, thanks to KOTOR's art design.

Thank you for giving the game some badly needed Mando'a'de ladies. And thank you double for not making the bust of their armor have the stupid boob sockets like armor normally does in the game when put on a female PC or party member.

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Okay, so I have attempted to use both mods, and unfortunately they do not work together. Keep this in mind, whoever intends to download this mod.

Did you used THIS mod AFTER "PC Response Moderation" ?

I know PC Response Moderation is compatible with K1R IF USED BEFORE, as K1R use TSLPatcher that apply its own changes to the file directly...

...thing is this mod use TSLPatcher to, so it should work if used on top of PC Response Moderation. If you place PC Response Moderation on top, neither this mod or even K1R will work properly.

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