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This mod will add a three playable male wookiees and two playable female wookiees. It includes portraits, 7 changes of clothes, 1 armor, and 4 jedi robes for each male, and 3 changes of clothes, and 4 jedi robes for each female. The models that the mod uses, are Zaalbar and N_WookieF.


There is also Photoshop files for fellow modders who want to create new armor and clothes skins. The big one is the jedi robes, just remember to change the alpha 1 channel. The female robes are smoother looking than the male versions, due to the smoothness of the model.


To complete the effect, so that your PC will sound like a wookiee, use the Kotor Savegame Editor (KSE) to change the soundset to Zaalbar's.


The only problems that I know of, are

1 - When starting a new game, if the Wookiee shows up in the "Choose Your Class" screen, it is best to NOT pick the Wookiee. Eigther choose a non-Wookiee, or Cancel, then re-start a new game. Picking a single unit model (one that isn't a separate head and body) will cause the game to crash.

2 - The left hand of the N_WookieF model is messed up. I don't yet know how to fix it. Perhaps in the future I will be able to add a fixed mdl and mdx. As it is, weapons will float on the back of the hand, and cutscenes will show the hand squished behind her back.

3 - During the cutscene where Revan removes his mask, he will appear invisible.

4 - When using the disguises (Sith uniform, Sand Person, underwater & space suits etc), the Wookiee will seem to shrink, because those disguise models are the size of a normal human.

5 - Everyone, including all the Wookiees on Kashyyk, will still refer to you as a human. It would require editing EVERY piece of dialog in the game to fix it, and that is TOO much.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • This file combines all of my previous Wookiee mods that were available on FileFront

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