Kreia's dialog about small kindnesses and cruelities 1.0

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About This File





Authors: danil-ch & Darth Hayze


Filename: Kreia_lesson.rar


1. Description:


This is a modification to Kreia's global dialog. This file restores a few lines to Kreia's dialog about small kindnesses and cruelities.




2. Install:


(It is highly recommended that you update your game to version 2.10 (the 1.0b update) before installing this mod.) TSLRCM 1.8.3 Required


To install drop kreia.dlg in your Override folder. Make sure you back up the original kreia.dlg.


3. Uninstall:


Replace kreia.dlg in your Override with the backup you made.


4. Bugs:




5. Thanks:


Thanks go the entire TSLRCM team, your work has been outstanding.

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Has this been added to 1.8.5, or is it compatible?

I compared the only edited file for this mod (kreia.dlg) between TSLRCM 1.8.3 and 1.8.5 and there are no changes between those versions, so no this is not included in 1.8.5, and yes it should be compatible.  Just make sure you don't have another mod that alters kreia.dlg besides TSLRCM (such as the Handmaiden and Female Exile mod).

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