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Having this mod installed with TSLCRM 1.8 causes a CTD about 4/5 the way in the Visus-Nihilus cutscene (and Nihilus-Tobin custscene). Please do not use the Nihilus saber, or take it out of override for the duration of this scene, and the Tobin one.




Hi Poly Tin Cans




Author: Varsity Puppet/VPcombat
For: KotOR II
Date: 03.16.2011
E-mail: officialvpcombat@yahoo.com






I've always wanted to make a lightsaber hilt mod, but I never liked how most people would use hilts from the movies. Or if it's not that, there has to be a fancy hilt for every single different color. Well what I did here is fairly simple and should intrigue even the most skeptical of saber mod downloaders.


I remade the standard game hilts so that they look like higher definition versions of the old ones. A lot of people complained how they looked like tin cans - they still are, but with higher polygon counts. I've also included a Darth Nihilus lightsaber which is fairly close to canon apparently.


There are several subfolders which you can install -


Saber Models - This folder contains the higher polygon version hilts only. No other modifications made.


Darth Nihilus Saber - Contains the files used for adding Darth Nihilus' saber to the game. Override's Malak's Lightsaber model since it doesn't have much of a use in this game.


Fixed Icons and colors - Fixes the colors in the weapon icons for the cyan and bronze/orange lightsabers. It also restores the unused bronze lightsaber crystal and distinguishes between the orange and bronze lightsaber colors (previously, they both used the same Heart of the Guardian saber color)


Fixed Loot scripts - These loot scripts will allow the orange, bronze, silver and cyan crystals to appear more often. Previously, the bronze crystal wouldn't appear at all, and apparently neither would the cyan crystal. This should be fixed now.






This is obviously not going to be compatible with any other saber mods.


Put all of the files you wish to install into your override.




Delete them from the override.












None that I know of. There may be a bug where some sabers display the wrong color. If that happens, let me know and I'll fix it.






You may use this mod as you see fit. Display it in screenshots, make it compatible with your mod. However, do please give credit where it's due, and DO NOT release it with any of your mods without my permission. Thanks.


Fred Tetra's KotorTool
Obsidian for making a game to love and hate
All of you modders out there who I've consistently studied and slowly learned from.


All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, BioWare Corp. and Obsidian Entertainment Inc.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • - Fixed the geometry for the hilts. They should be a bit more refined
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