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The short version: this mod changes gameplay in TSL by changing the level cap to 20 and thinning out the force and skill points that each class gets. It also alters primary abilities, hit die, force die, and attack bonuses for each class (which used to all be the same). Health regen is switched off, and FP regen starts from a lower base (0.6 instead of 1.0). Details below:



Skill points readjusted:


Soldiers get 1 base Skill Point

Scouts get 2

Scoundrels get 2


Guardians get 1

Consulars get 1

Sentinels get 2


Combat droids get 1

Expert droids get 3


Minions get 1

Tech Specialists get 4


Weapon Masters get 1

Jedi Masters get 1

Jedi Watchmen get 2


Sith Marauders get 1

Sith Lords get 1

Sith Assassins get 2


Class hit die readjusted:


Soldier: 9

Scout: 6

Scoundrel: 4


Guardian: 10

Consular: 5

Sentinel: 7


Combat Droid: 10

Expert Droid: 6


Minion: 6

Tech Specialist: 4


Weapon-master: 12

Master: 6

Watchman: 8


Marauder: 12

Sith Lord: 6

Sith Assassin: 8


Force Die readjusted:


Guardian: 4

Consular: 8

Sentinel: 5


Weapon-Master: 5

Master: 10

Watchman: 7


Sith Marauder: 5

Sith Lord: 10

Sith Assassin: 7


Primary Abilities altered:


Soldier: Strength

Scout: Dexterity

Scoundrel: Intelligence


Guardian: STR

Consular: WIS

Sentinel: INT


Combat Droid: CON

Expert Droid: INT


Minion: STR

Tech Specialist: INT


Weapon-master: STR

Master: WIS

Watchman: INT


Marauder: STR

Lord: WIS

Assassin: DEX


Class attack bonus tables adjusted:

Soldier: Attack bonus table 1

Scout: Attack bonus table 2

Scoundrel: Attack bonus table 3


Guardian: Attack bonus table 1

Consular: Attack bonus table 3

Sentinel: Attack bonus table 2


Combat Droid: Attack bonus table 1

Expert Droid: Attack bonus table 2


Minion: Attack bonus table 2

Tech Specialist: Attack bonus table 3


Weapon-master: Attack bonus table 1

Master: Attack bonus table 3

Watchman: Attack bonus table 2


Sith Marauder: Attack bonus table 1

Sith Lord: Attack bonus table 3

Sith Assassin: Attack bonus table 2



Only Consulars, Sith Lords and Jedi Masters get 2 starting Force Powers;

Guardians get no new force powers every third level;



Capped level gain at 20; smoothed out XP gain to compensate, so that player may only just hit 20 before game end.



Lightsaber power reduced: die-to-roll reduced to 8 for Lightsabers, 10 for Double-sabers, 6 for Short lightsabers.

What's New in Version 0.6   See changelog


-Poisons now do double the HP damage done in the standard game. Ability damage poisons now do a small amount of HP damage, too: 1 HP for mild and average, 2 HP for virulent.
- Autobalance adjusted to make higher levels slightly more challenging, but hopefully not unmanageable;
- Fixed a bug that borked skills;
- Fixed a bug with regeneration;
- Restored Alter/Sense/Control powers as prerequisites for starting powers in different combinations.
    Guardians receive Control at level 1, Sense at level 5, and Alter at level 10.
    Consulars receive Sense at level 1, Alter at level 5, and Control at level 10.
    Sentinels receive Alter at level 1, Control at level 5, and Sense at level 10.

To accommodate the new prerequisite, class power gains have been adjusted so that the three base Jedi classes receive an extra Force Power at levels 1, 5, and 10.

Prerequisites for starting level powers are as follows:
Affect Mind: Alter, Control, Sense
Speed Burst: Control
Cure: Control, Sense
Drain Life: Control, Sense
Fear: Sense
Aura: Control
Jump: Control
Valor: Control, Sense
Push: Alter
Resist Force: Control
Resist Energy: Alter, Sense
Shock: Alter, Sense
Slow: Alter, Control, Sense
Stun: Alter, Sense
Stun Droid: Alter, Sense
Suppress Force: Alter, Control
Saber Throw: Alter
Wound: Alter
Barrier: Alter, Control
Battle Meditation: Control, Sense
Force Body: Control
Drain Force: Control, Sense
Force Scream: Alter
Repulsion: Alter
Redirection: Alter
Revitalize: Alter, Control, Sense
Mind Trick: Alter, Sense

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