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About This File

This is a mod for Kotor II: The Sith Lords created by VarsityPuppet and bead-v.


This is a modding tool, designed mainly for module editing and cutscene

creation/editing. It's designed to allow the modder to quickly change

parameters when testing different scenarios.


To obtain it, type "giveitem workbox" into the cheat console with the

cheats enabled. The item will immediately become usable by everyone in

the party as it doesn't need equiping.


The Workbox supports the following features:

- Prints the coordinates of the user's current location to the feedback

screen, as well as its orientation in:

- - degrees (to be used in scripts)

- - radians (to be used in .gits for placeables)

- - X and Y orientation (to be used in .gits for creatures,...)

- - "cos" and "sin" (to be used in .gits for cameras ("cos" is the

top-most box, while "sin" is the bottom-most))

- Prints the tag and coordinates of the nearest object, as well as its

type and distance to it. It also prints the tag and coordinates of the

nearest door, creature, placeable, waypoint and trigger.

- Spawn a dummy: spawns a dummy creature to be used for reference when

collecting coordinates for a cutscene.

- Open/Close nearest door

- Destroy nearest object

- The Warp console

- Camera finder: This feature lets you cycle through the module's cameras.

- Adjust party members' skills, attributes, influence, availabilty

- Adjust PC's skills, attributes, alignment and gender

- Add/remove party members from the party

- Change current player character

- Toggle party switching on/off

- Toggle MinOneHP on/off: basically makes the user invincible.

- WM_custom is a script that is intended to be used when a modder wants to

test something quickly in a script, saving them the dlg editing or

editing existing scripts.

- A GetIsObjectValid option, which requires the tag of the object to be

entered in the dlg.

- Global/Local changing with minimal dlg editing.


In addition to that, we have developed a module editing system:

The module's OnEnter script is modified to fire a dialog named

"pre*MODULE_NAME*" (ie. "pre905mal") under the condition that the

global 000_Debug is set. The placeable that fires the dialog is

"*MODULE_NUMBER*dlghost" (ie. "905dlghost"). This dialog then controls

various condition under which to fire the module, or just fires some

cutscenes directly. Basically you can do anything with it.


The Workbox has an option to fire the module PreDialog directly, and also

controls whether the global 000_Debug is set or not (under "settings").

Whether you use this system or completely ignore it is up to you.


Two features require editing of the workbox.dlg. The first is putting in

the object tag for the GetIsObjectValid feature, to check whether the

object exists. The node where the tag needs to be entered is marked.


The other feature is the editing of globals and locals. What you need to

do is create a new reply in the "Set Globals and Locals" tree, and attach

the "WB_control" script to it with the following parameters:

P1 - always 15

P2 - 1 if boolean, 0 if number

P3 - local ID; if left 0, then this marks a global

String Parameter - if local then this is the object tag (empty means

OBJECT_SELF), if global then this is the global ID. (Like "000_Debug")

P5 - this parameter can optionally mark the instance of the object with the

local boolean or number.

(P4 is not used)


After creating the reply, you need to copy the entry from the other replies.

There are two versions of the entry, based on whether it's a number or a

boolean. Make sure to copy the right one.



Darth Nihilus local number 13

15, 0, 13, 0, 0, DarthNihilus


global boolean 000_PLAYER_GENDER

15, 1, 0, 0, 0, 000_PLAYER_GENDER


global number K_CURRENT_PLANET

15, 0, 0, 0, 0, K_CURRENT_PLANET

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Fixed installer
  • Fixed MinOneHP
  • Fixed dlg firing method
  • Implemented a check whether a global exists

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An excellent tool for modders. Just the feature of getting coordinates alone is already an improved version of the Whereami Armband mod, on top of being compatible with The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod. Thank you for making this.

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