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Recruit T3-M4 Early Mod v1.1

By brents742

Version Notes
v1.0 - 4/7/2021
     - Initial release
v1.1 - 4/9/2021
     -Added instructions for a third party member to exit out the main gate in the Taris Undercity
      as opposed to the base game only giving instructions to two party members as that's all you're
      supposed to have at that point in the game. This solves an issue where the cutscene to save
      Hendar would seemingly go on forever.


You MUST select your Steam workshop SWKOTOR directory if you have modded via Steam before.
Once you have located your Steam workshop override folder, copy k_ptar_openbase.ncs, k_ptar_opengate, and tar02_janice021.dlg to your override folder.
Do not use the main SWKOTOR directory. You should not run across any override warnings. If you do, let me know.



Copy k_ptar_openbase.ncs, k_ptar_opengate, and tar02_janice021.dlg to your override folder. You should not run across any override warnings. If you do, let me know.

-This mod allows for T3-M4 to be recruited whenever you would like (and have the credits to do so). No longer is T3 tied to the Taris endgame.
You can recruit him before Canderous gives you the quest to do so by speaking to Janice Nall as usual.
There will be a new dialogue option that allows you to purchase T3 from her early.

-If you have recruited T3 before speaking to Canderous about the military base, Canderous will mention that your T3 unit
will be able to get you in. This uses existing voice work found within the game that would seem to indicate it was the
developer's intention at some point to let you recruit T3 earlier than possible in the launch version.

-The Sith Military Base will not open until speaking to Canderous just like vanilla. However, if you're up for a challenge,
 feel free to delete k_ptar_openbase.ncs and break into the Military base whenever you please with T3!
 Who knows what glorious (or buggy) things could happen!?

-If you wish to play the game as normal, that option remains. Canderous will still mention buying T3-M4 from Janice Nall.

Getting Started
This mod only makes sense when starting a new playthrough or one that has not yet encountered Canderous in the Cantina.
Simply play as normal and go to Janice Nall's droid shop and speak to her as normal, asking about the T3-M4 unit
and persuading her to sell you the droid.

IMPORTANT - This mod relies upon the files k_ptar_openbase.ncs, k_ptar_opengate, and tar02_janice021.dlg to work.
Any mod that plays with these files will break this one. PM me if you find ones that do so I can make this mod compatible.

What Specifically does this mod do?
-tar02_janice021.dlg was modified to give a new purchase dialog option when asking Janice Nall about T3-M4. This option
 will cycle into existing dialog as if you told Janice Canderous sent you. From here, everything goes as it normall does.
-k_ptar_openbase.ncs was modified to prevent the player from entering the Sith Military Base before the game intends you to do so.
 Once you speak to Canderous, T3 will be able to open the door to the Military Base as usual.
 You can delete this if you want in to the Military Base early.
-k_ptar_opengate.ncs was modified to give MoveTo instructions to a third party member while trying to save Hendar in the Taris Undercity.
 The original script only gave instructions to exit the gate to two party members as that is all you are intended to have at this stage in the game.

Permissions and Disclaimers
I, brents742, reserve the right as author of this mod for sole permission to upload some or all of this mod
anywhere for any reason.

If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please
contact me for permission.

The user of the mod is responsible for any damage to their game that may result from using this mod.
Users are encouraged to make relevant backups and do their research on existing mods they have installed
to double check compatibility. All efforts have been made to ensure this mod is as unobtrusive as possible
but ultimate responsibility lies with the end user to check for possible conflicts before installing.

Special Thanks
Fred Tetra - KOTOR Tool

TK102 - DLG Editor

Stoffe and Fair Strides - TSLPatcher

-N-DReW25 for pointing out the infinte cutscene issue in the Taris Undercity

S.Knight for their help in writing the script preventing early access to the Sith Military Base.

Prydeless for their pink lightsaber mod that inspired me to start modding to begin with.

The entirety of the DeadlyStream modding forums for their inexaustible resources and information
that allows anyone with a computer and an idea to sit down and learn how to make their first mod.

Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making a game I'm still funneling dozens of hours into
nearly two decades after its initial release.

PM me on Nexus or DeadlyStream or alternatively post on the mod itself and I will get back to you.

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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