Redhawke's Ebon Hawk Construction Workbench 1.0.0

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Author : RedHawke 01/29/05 Version 1.0

With my new mission to make everyone's PC's spend their hard won, or easily cheated credits, I have a new mod that will help you in this area. This one is a biggie. ;^)

This mod alters the Ebon Hawk's workbench to be able to build brand new items and some of the normal game items, now when you click on the Ebon Hawk's workbench it becomes a super handy TSL-esque Construction Bench. Henceforth referred to simply as the CB.

This mod does too much to be listed... but, what you can build at the CB will change as your skills are increased, the skills that affect the CB are; (Repair, Demolitions, and Treat_Injury) also some things might require you to be a certain level or a Jedi, if you don't have enough credits, etc. There are a ton of possible combinations.

But I'll try to list the highlights there is at least one of each major weapon type that is buildable at the CB, as well as one new of each armor type, including armored clothes. All the buildable weapons and armor have the word "Custom" in their title and most all are fully upgradeable, there are no new skins for these armors and weapons, the armors all use the first texture variation, the weapons use one of the standard games variants, new textures for these items would increase the mods size drastically, but all you people out there can alter the item .uti files to point to whatever textures you wish, I leave that up to you.

Along with the above, you can also construct 4 Custom Jedi Robes, 1 in each game color, and 2 new Custom Battle Robes (Revan/Star Forge Skins) stronger than the normal robes, all robes are upgradeable. Like the armor's they use standard game textures. The robe .uti files are easily alterable like the armors.

You can also build lightsabers, all 3 styles, single, double, and short, at the CB, only the Standard colors are supported, but here's the bonus the bench gives you, the saber color you get is completely random, and you even have a slim (5% or so) chance to build yourself a HOTG ot MOTF saber with the CB. How cool is that?

Also you are able to build, pending your appropriate skill level of course, any of the games Grenades (Even the mighty Thermal Detonator), Mines, Medpacks, Stims, Repair Kits, Parts Packs, Computer Spikes, Armor Upgrades, and Weapon Upgrades. Most of these also have the option for you to build quantites (1, 5, or 10), so you don't need to build these one at a time, unless heavy use of the CB makes you poor of course, if you don't have enough credits the options will not show up as well. :)

Of course everything you build costs you some credits for the building supplies, etc. 

This is fully compatable with all my other Mods, and just about everyone else's as well... at least I don't remember one that made use of the Ebon Hawk's Workbench???

Installation Instructions:
Unzip all of the files in the .zip, except this readme into your KOTOR override directory at any time, this should immediately take effect with any save game you currently have, or you can always start a new game. 

Also includes a .KMM file for installation by Cchargins Kotor Mod Manager program, if you have it.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply delete all these files from your override directory, or deactivate it with KMM.

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.  

And Thanks to Cchargin for the cool Kotor Mod Manager, KMM Program!

Also thanks to Darth333, her script help helped to make this possible.

Also a very appreciative thanks to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

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