Wookiee Warblade and Freyyr / Chuundar fix for KOTOR 1.0.0

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 Move all the files from the archive to the override folder.



 This modification adds the Freyyr sword to the game.  It did not seem strange to you, why the owner of this sword walks without it, and the sword itself travels around the galaxy and you can find it in the nearest trash can?  This mod solves this problem.  I borrowed the original sword from TSL, slightly lower its parameters.

 Now this formidable weapon can be acquired in the only way - to kill its master.  This sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.  Just defeating Freyyr in the Dark Lands on Kashyyyk will be difficult, and even harder to kill him, but the victory is worth it, isn't it?


 The characteristics of the sword are given in the screenshots.  The price of a sword, if you decide to sell, is 2000 credits.

 The sword can not be improved, because it is clear that such a power is already higher above just a scam.


 I corrected the moment.  when Freyyr comes to the hall of Chuundar with some other sword, but not with his own.  In the original, he has a standard Wookiee sword, which he replaced with a less powerful one.

 Now in all scenes, Freyyr will have his sword.


 Another part of the mod carries the changes to the original Wookiee sword, which is owned by many Wookiee, including Chuundar, from which we can get a renewed sword.

 In the original, we can only get it in the basket at Chosen Rakata, which at the end of the game and from such an acquisition does not get better, because it is almost the end of the game, now the sword will become much closer.


 Now the sword can be improved in the workshop!  The sword has a medium strength, not quite a scam.  In addition, as you understand, this sword is owned by other Wookiee, and this means that it will be much more difficult to resist in close combat, if you wake up their opponents, of course!

 Now the sword will cost not 20 credits, but 1000 monetary units.

 Only followers of the bright side can get it by killing the leader and ending the tyranny on Kashyyyk.  I also added 1000 credits to the Wookiee’s inventory.  What a leader.  who sold his people to the invaders in slavery goes without money?  That's right - a complete fool, our leader will be smarter.



 Do not use this modification in any form without my permission.





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