Darth Traya-new unique model with her animation (Kreia) 11.0 Beta Version

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feel the true power of the Sith there always need to be a Darth Traya Lady of Betreyal my mod add for her a unique robes which is fully animated except Kreia002 model :(

What's New in Version 11.0 Beta Version


  • my mod will add an unique apperance for Evil Kreia model's every model is fully functional except Evil Kreia002 aka model from Malachor V when she lost their duel with Nihilius/Sion i'm looking someone who is good with animations :) and mdl/mdx
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Just a heads up that the included readme is actually the readme for Darth Sion and Male Exile Mod. XD

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It's not the largest issue in the world, but I notice that the removing-of-hood animation plays on default Kreia as well, and the hood really clips with the neck. Not sure if there is a fix (possibly limiting the hood animation to 'evil-Kreia' at the end of the gam?), but I thought it would be something to note.

edit- it seems to only affect peragus(two handed) Kreia. Once she looses her hand, the hood animation does not play when you talk to her. So its even more of a minor bug than I thought- barely worth noting now.

edit2: nope, one handed Kreia is affected too- but at least there is no clipping with her hood (for some reason). I'm looking for a fix. I'll post it if I figure it out.

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This looks good, my main issue is she suddenly looks too young and like her eyes work, both of which are not true according to the dialogue

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