[K1/TSL] Star Forge Robes Texture Enhancement 1.0

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Star Forge Robes Texture Enhancement


Mod For: KotOR & KotOR 2: TSL




This mod is intended to sort of "fix" the Star Forge Robes, as they were missing the Cape, Belt and other accessories that Revan's Robe has for it's texture. I know there's already a few mods out there that do the same thing, but I felt like doing my own take on it. If you want to use this in a mod, go right ahead, just be sure to add credit where it's due.


Included is another option that uses the armor pieces from the Female version's texture.


NOTE: You can also use these textures for TSL as well, if you have a mod that allows you to obtain Revan's Robes/Star Forge Robes.

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Hello there, I am very happy I finally came across a masked star forge robes Revan mod :) I wanted to ask the author if it would be possible to make certain alterations please? Would it be possible to remove the cape and the dangly belt, please?

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