#13: Mod Roundup (August 2022)



Hello, everyone. It has been much longer than usual, mainly because I did not have a computer that could run the KOTOR games for over a year. I am easing back into things now, but because it's been so long, I've forgotten much of what I had intended to work on. If you would like to see a particular update for any of my mods, or if you have a request for a mod that seems like something I'd do, please let me know. Lately, much of my time has been spent finding things to do, so I am all ears.

Mod Updates

Korriban: Back in Black for K1 – Fixed a typo that resulted in Jorak Uln having the wrong color robes.
Fashion Line I: Cloaked Jedi Robes for K1 – I guess the previous version had the wrong files for PFBIM? I don't remember...
Vision Enhancement for K1 – Added a fix for the "Cut Start" bug.
Romance Enhancement: Biromantic Bastila for K1 – Corrected some gender checks that made Bastila say the wrong lines. Also added some VO that was missing.
VO Fix for K2 – Converted audio and confirmed that it now definitely works with the Aspyr update.
Sound Effects for K1 – Converted audio files with SithCodec.
Feat Fixes for K2 – Added a bunch more feats that seemed denied to certain classes for no reason, corrected prestige class proficiencies, and added a fix for the droid feat gain swap for the heck of it even though TSLRCM already fixes it.

New Mods

Romance Enhancement: Pan-Galactic Flirting for K1 – Removes several gender checks throughout the game, allowing players of any gender to flirt with the affected NPCs.
Sound Effects for K1 – A port of the previously existing mod for K1 to K2.

Modding Tools

SithCodec – Rewrote most of the code to be cleaner and follow better practices. The biggest improvement resulting from this is that SithCodec will preserve folder hierarchies.
KOTOR Case Fixer – A simple tool that recursively iterates through a directory and converts all paths to lowercase. This corrects some problems with mods on Unix-based operating systems that are case sensitive.

Something Completely Different

@Leilukin, who previously made several romance mods for KOTOR 2, has released a Carth Onasi and Male PC Romance mod for KOTOR 1. This is something I had thought about when working on my romance mods, but I didn't want to tackle it because I expected Carth's romance to require more dialogue editing than Bastila's. I'm glad somebody decided to make this option possible, and I'm interested in seeing how they handled the dialogue when I get a chance to try it. Good job!

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Thanks for the shout-out! You are correct about making a Carth and male PC romance mod requiring more dialogue editing than a Bastila and female PC romance mod does, because Carth has more dialogue referring to the PC's gender throughout his romance than Bastila does, since Carth calls the female PC "woman" and "sister" a lot.

I handled the edited dialogue in Carth's romance the same way as I did my romance mods for KotOR 2: splicing VO files to replace the pronouns and gendered terms. Thank you again for your SithCodec tool, so I did not have to waste time in hex editing the VO files needed for my Carth romance mod.

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I did not have a computer that could run the KOTOR games for over a year

 In the meantime, me, working on K1CP v1.9:


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