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Welcome Back, Ladies and Gentlemen and Everyone in-between!

Fair Strides


Well, it certainly has been a long time since I made one of these. Read through my last one, and things were certainly dire back then. :P Fortunately, that car accident had no lasting damage besides some scarring and the ability to pop my sternum.

Obviously, I haven't modded in a while, or at least haven't released anything. I've been busy: college that took way longer than it should have (got my Associates in 2020 after 4 years), some programming here and there (nothing paid), general living, and of course a lot of D&D / Pathfinder throughout that time. But I'm glad to say that I have an Associate of Science - Oregon Transfer degree and I'm enrolled for the Bachelor's in the fall. COVID really delayed things, but I was fortunate to keep working as a janitor all throughout.

However, these weren't the only reasons I was kept away from the community I know and love. By the way, I'm glad to see things didn't slow down while I was gone! Another big reason I've been away was fear. It's scary when you discover something about yourself, but you don't know how the rest of the world will react. It doesn't help when you yourself are so ignorant about it that you didn't think it was a real thing until the repressed thoughts and emotions pop up. If anyone's read the "About Me" section on my profile recently, you probably already know.

In 2019, I realized I was transgender. It wasn't just one thing, thought, or experience that showed me; instead, it was a culmination of things from my childhood and throughout my life up till then. But like I said, that's scary. It takes a lot of time to adjust your thinking, to research and evaluate yourself. To test the waters, so-to-speak, and see what things are like in your new reality. And that was the case for most of 2019 and all of 2020. I spent my time hidden away, trying to fly under the radar and not draw attention to myself. My friends from college and my roommates knew, of course. But the outside world? No, no, no. Much too risky, of course.

In 2021, I decided to get the ball rolling on the rest of my life. I'd spent a couple of years finding my new sense of self, recentering, and getting a new sense of style. For the most part, things have been pretty quiet. But recently, I've had some pretty good experiences re-connecting with a few of you people, and it's been wonderfully refreshing to be "back". So, I'm ready to come out of the shadows and say

"Hi! I'm Tristan. For those of you that used to guess I was a woman... well, looks like you were right. :P"

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Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you the best on your journey and living your best life.

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On 6/27/2022 at 3:20 PM, Sith Holocron said:


Haha, thanks! I still have no idea where you came up with this image, but it's fucking beautiful. Hell, can I borrow it as the cover photo on FB?

12 hours ago, CarthOnasty said:

Thanks so much for sharing and wishing you the best on your journey and living your best life.

You're welcome. The reactions have been nice so far; a few years ago... I wouldn't have expected people to be so understanding. Part of that phenomenon where you expect others to think like you do, I guess. And back then? I was ignorant.

5 minutes ago, LDR said:

Glad to see you back my friend! :)

You! You're still around?! Yes!!! :D You volunteered me into a chaotic mess, ya know that? :P (K1R)

I still need to try out your Crashed Republic Cruiser mod. I'm glad it saw the light of day, man.

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16 minutes ago, Fair Strides said:

Haha, thanks! I still have no idea where you came up with this image, but it's fucking beautiful. Hell, can I borrow it as the cover photo on FB?

Sure you can grab it. 

For background on this picture, It's one of the rooms in my Nar Shaddaa stronghold in SWTOR.  Since I have been regularly farming on Ossus, I have accumulated all of the (currently available) crystals a long time ago. That's why all eleven shades of the crystals are here.  I think of it as a meditation room. 

A bench is so much more civilized than having sit down on the floor. (It doesn't mess up your robes!)

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Good to see you back Tristan! Best of luck with the Bachelor degree!

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Great to see you back! I figured you had left modding to pursue school and then everyday life took over. Glad to see your return after so long.

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