Blog #69 - My Birthday (in 2017)

Sith Holocron


My birthday is on December 6th. I have an idea that will cost you nothing and may help the community. If you were leaning towards wishing me a happy birthday, I'd rather you invest your energy towards this concept instead.


Think of a mod you've download from this site. Anyone's mod. If you liked that mod - even a little - I'd love for you to go that mods page and leave a comprehensive review what you liked about that mod. Don't just leave a one sentence review - go into actual detail. What you leave should be mostly to completely positive.


Easy so far? Once you're done, link to your new review below.



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Happy Birthday (PST)! Mine was yesterday, so consider this the birthday hand-off high-five.

Happy belated birthday to you!

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If you're really having difficulty thinking of which mod (or mods) you should leave positive comments for, try one that you'd vote for this year's MOTY. ;)

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