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JCarter426 reminisces on the M4-78 EP that never came to be

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Posted 30 October 2017 - 09:41 PM

I've been modding recently and though I could maybe update this thread again. I think I promised to talk about the cut "Sith Survivor" plot at some point.


You know That Door in the Industrial Zone? Sealed one, half way through the Zone, with a whole complicated and confusing quest to open it?
Well, that quest was always part of the planet. However, what happens on the other side of the Zone has been rewritten on at least three separate occasions.


Way back when I joined, you were supposed to be attacked on sight by droids on the other side of that door. You would fight your way to those ziggy-zaggy rooms at the bottom of the map, which currently serve as Design/Testing departments. IS-24 had some voiced lines left over in game files, one of them being an apology for attacking the player. Ultimately, I made a decision to cut all that and make the whole Industrial Zone kind of actionless.


Anyway, once you reached current Design/Testing rooms, you would be approached by one of the droids who would explain the situation. The reason they attacked was to protect a sole Sith Survivor, the only Colonist to survive the radiation leak.


There was a whole deal with getting Kolto to cure him after that - I think I explained most of it in my previous posts. You needed to cure the Survivor, otherwise the droids wouldn't let you through. We wanted to have LS/DS choice where you'd select a different treatment for him, and I liked the idea of a moral dilemma behind it - would a good Jedi let him recover, or should he get lower quality Kolto and barely survive, because the Sith doesn't deserve any better? This decision would probably impact his skill in a boss fight later on.


Of course, none of that ever made it into the game. Old design document - and UTC file left over in the released version of a mod ;) - is all that's left of the idea. Whole meeting with him was fairly well described, though, so I'll copy and paste it under a spoiler - it's long.




(probably written by Sharen Thrawn, but it's been 8 years so you can't blame me if I'm wrong)


There was an idea thrown around, which I liked, that the Sith Survivor should have been "just a guy with a big gun", rather than a lightsaber wielding force user.


He would return for the finale at the very end of the planet - after M4-78 killed Vash.



It's kind of funny to read it now, and I'd kind of want to go trough it point-by-point and point out all the problems I have with that doc... but I won't do it now.


So that's what the finale was supposed to be, at one point. I don't like the idea of forcing player to stay on the planet after finding a Jedi Master - I remember than in each next iteration of the script, I was always against forcing player to stay so long. I wanted players to talk to Vash, then M4-78 and be on their way.


There you have it. The Sith Survivor plot.


I may come back next year with more old stories ideas ;)

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 02:03 AM

^^^ That was an interesting read.

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