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  • 05 Jun 2015 Download Energy shield damage fix

Download Energy shield damage fix

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energy shield electrical fix damage

In KotOR 1, there is a distinct problem with energy shields: They do not actually block electricity damage, despite the description saying so. Upon looking at the forceshields.2da file, I noticed that their bit flags are set to block light side damage (64) instead of electrical damage (128). This applies to every single energy shield but the mandalorian melee shield - which isn't even supposed to counter either, so no surprise there. Another thing is the amount of damage that Verpine prototype shields block: in the description, it is 70, but in the actual game, it's 120.
I knew this post about shields, but it is actually wrong, the damage types are not switched between the games, only the shields are set wrongly for the first.

This very simple 2da edit fixes both issues, making energy shields actually protect from electrical damage and rectifying the amount of protection a verpine shield gives.

Using the TSLPatcher, compatibility is ensured.

Good find there.

A must. Its still a suprice...reading all those mods...how absurdly broken and bugged this game was...

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