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  • Submitted: Mar 19 2013 03:30 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 01 2014 11:01 AM
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  • Approved by: Sith Holocron
  • Approved on: 28 June 2014 - 11:19 AM
  • TSLRCM Compatible: Yes

Previous Versions

  • 28 Jun 2014 Download K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered WIP Alpha 1-1
  • 28 Jun 2014 Download K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered WIP Alpha 1-1
  • 28 Jun 2014 Download K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered alpha 1-1

Download K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered WIP Alpha 1-1

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TSL Textures HD Remastered high resolution


FYI: To discuss this mod and to post bug reports, please use this forum WIP thread, thanks.

This is a teaser release of what will be a much larger mod to replace all the textures of Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords. This initial release focuses on Telos as a WIP teaser.

You will either have to start from the start again and work your way up to Telos to see all the textures changed, or, use an old save game to replay the areas once more.

You have a number of folders here to install, some are optional.


These are all the current environment textures that have been made available for Telos:
  • Telos Citadel Station,
  • Restoration Zone and
  • Secret Base.
FYI: some are not only for Telos in that some of the textures are from other sets, such as Dantooine.

To install the files just copy into your override folder. FYI: you may wish to backup your override folder first ;).


These are the HK series -- 47, 50 and 51 -- of droid textures.

FYI: there are background droids in the HK facility on Telos that I have not updated the look of yet.

Again, copy to your override folder.


These have been removed for the a1-1 update due to a report problem with them; the below text is there if the earlier version of the mod is being used:


Pretty simple, my texture and model edits along with new creations, are mine to redistribute and modify. If you want to use any of my stuff, you need to get my permission to do so, even if it is a modification of an existing texture or model from the game or of someone else's -- in that case, you will need to get their permission too.

If I find that my work has been used without my permission within another mod, depending upon what it is and the extent of it, I will have the site admins remove it along with pursuing other actions available to me via the site.

What's New in Version WIP Alpha 1-1 (See full changelog)

  • Ravager Sith Fighter tex fix
  • New Telos Station signage
  • New Dantooine grass FX tex
  • Telos Restoration Zone console tex replaced
  • Updated HK series textures
  • A number of Telos textures updated, eg window tex


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Very well done, and adds a really nice new feel to the game. 9/10.

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Awesome perfect textures, sELFiNDUCEDcOMA

I found a problem: the game crashed every time the T3-M4 attempts to play the Bastila message inside the Ebon Hawk.   

The Textures files are working excellent. The problem is only with files of Items_UTI.   

Huh, at first I wondered what about the textures would cause such a crash until you mentioned the UTI files -- I kind of figured no one would actually bother to install those BTW ;).


Not sure which message your talking about -- will need to search wikis to find out -- but since you mention Bastila, and being a Jedi she would be wearing a robe, it is more than likely one of the robe UTIs that is the problem. When I created these, I had (I believe) Movie-Style Jedi Master Robes 1.5 installed. I assumed, probably incorrectly, that this mod replaced existing vanilla assets rather than adding new ones. When I created the modified UTIs for the robes, I also switched up which robe model and textures were utilised by each robe, matching the robe description to one of the textures provided by this mod. However, there may be no correlation to vanilla assets for one or more of them.


So, can I suggest that you download and install this mod to see if that helps or not..? Making sure to back up your override folder first if you're not a fan of this mod or if it installs over over assets your prefer. And please, get back to me if it does work rather than assuming that I will automatically know somehow that it does, as it may be a while before I get around to testing this out in-game.


Oh, it also might be best to post your bugs to the WIP thread for this mod here.

So when will you update with all the new textures seen on the thread? Your work is shaping up pretty well, you are very talented.

So when will you update with all the new textures seen on the thread? Your work is shaping up pretty well, you are very talented.


Ah.. When I find the time to finish off Peragus in particular I'll release an update ;).

I'd love to see a Peragus update!

Is author still working to make this mod finnished? New textures looks really nice.

Other files you may be interested in ..

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