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SAVE:Light Side Female Saves with KOTOR 1 Community Patch and All Romances

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Light Side Female Saves with KOTOR 1 Community Patch and All Romances

This is a set of KotOR 1 save files of a complete light side female Scout and Jedi Guardian playthrough, with the KOTOR 1 Community Patch (K1CP) installed, and all side quests, party member conversations and romance subplots completed.


These save files consist of a 100% complete playthrough of a light side female player character with the KOTOR 1 Community Patch (K1CP) installed. All side quests are completed, including the Genoharadan quests, all party members' personal quest lines, as well as the romance subplots of Bastila (modded), Carth and Juhani.

This set of save collection is also created with the purpose of testing party member and NPC content, including romances, in mind, so I used JCarter426's Biromantic Bastila and Pan-Galactic Flirting on top of K1CP in these saves.

To make it easier to test mods that affect modules, I created a save immediately before entering a new area/module. In order to make it more convenient to test out different points of party member conversations and personal quest line, I also created save files before talking to party members as often as possible. Additionally, I created save files immediately before a new party member joins or a party banter is triggered.

Class: Level 4 Scout + Level 16 Jedi Guardian

Order of visiting the worlds:
1. Endar Spire + Taris
2. Dantooine
3. Yavin
4. Tatooine
5. Kashyyyk - until Jolee joins
6. Manaan - to start doing the Genoharadan quests
7. Rest of Kashyyyk
8. Yavin
9. Rest of Manaan
10. Korriban
11. Yavin
12. Unknown World + Star Forge


Mods I used in these save files: (Ordered by the installation order of the mods)

1. KOTOR 1 Community Patch 1.9.2

2. JC's Romance Enhancement: Biromantic Bastila for K1 1.2 by JCarter426

3. JC's Romance Enhancement: Pan-Galactic Flirting for K1 1.0 by JCarter426

4. Easy Swoop Racing by Darth333 (Installed only when doing the Manaan swoop races)

Other mods that are shown in the screenshots that do not affect save files:

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    Knights of The Old Republic


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